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September 28 2005

Whedonverse Fan Videos Put to Music. These videos are just beautiful and I'm pretty sure they haven't been posted here before so I thought I'd give it a shot for my first Link.

There's a truly excellent one out there called "The United States of Spike" that was edited with amazing timing.
You know, I edit commercials for a living and I never even *thought* about doing anything like this. Hmmm. Might have to try it! Some of them are very well done, I might add! Thanks for the link.
No problem. My friend (who I know is more a Matchbox 20 fan then Buffy, but she knew I was) sent me a message with the link and I figured it had to be something I've already seen. Even though I'm new on the site I've been lurking for a couple years almost and look up everything. But it was stuff I've never seen and it was when I watched the Magic video about Simon and River that I had to post it. The Inspector Gadget video with Wesley was just money though.
Fanvidding is a huge segment of fandom. There's gobs and gobs of them out there.
These vidders are good, so is SDWolfpup who made USofSpike (plus many other excellent ones) - they are addictive and can ensnare you into making your own - I know because it happened to me.

The best reference site is and there is also a big fanvid archive over at LiveJournal for Firefly.

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