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September 28 2005

Okay, how 'bout this? G4TV's "Attack of the Show" does a segment on our Big Damn Movie! Brendan gets to interview Joss, Nathan, Morena, Adam and Jewel. AND host Kevin gives a shoutout to the Browncoats!

Oh, and during the episode we got to see one of the increasing number of "positive review" trailers. Y'know, the ones that list all the good press reviews a film is getting? Good stuff.

Are there any spoilers on the show?! I might be able to catch this later but I don't want to watch it if they give anything away.

And speaking of one of those "positive review" trailers, they showed one during "Lost" tonight! I was excited to see it airing during "Lost" and calling it the "next big sci-fi film"!
No spoilers, so watch on!

And I couldn't agree more on the "Lost" ad space. Great exposure.
Thanks Haunt! It's on in a half hour so I hope it's the correct episode!
It's the one with "Song Fight" on it... online song competitions. It's scheduled to replay at midnight central time, again at 3am and again tomorrow at 11am.
Yup, that's what the description says! Thanks for the confirmation!
Started to watch the segment but they were showing clips from the movie so quickly turned off the picture (still taping it to watch after I see the movie). So if anyone is like me and doesn't want to see any clips of the movie it is showing clips that I haven't seen from the trailers. I'm just very spoiler phobic myself and because it's so close to the movie I don't want to take any chances!

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I missed by a few seconds at the end of the segment didnt expect it to be at the beginning of the show
For those of you who missed it or don't have the channel I have uploaded the video here.
I thought it was a very nice segment, and no clips I hadn't already seen in the trailers! I totally recommend it.
Attack of the Show has actually gotten pretty good. After G4's gutting of TechTV I was prepared to hate all their content purely out of spite, but AotS won me over with a staff of geeks that seem to genuinely enjoy geeky things. The other day they put on a TV award show, and gave honors to Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Family Guy, and the Daily Show... couldn't have picked them better myself. After that lineup, I was not at all surprised to see them devote some time to Serenity. Good stuff.

(G4 still sucks.)
Amen, Galvatron. I've boycotted G4 since they dropped the TechTV from their name. Their promoting Serenity will be weighed in the balance at the end.

Thanks for the video, nikescream!

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