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September 29 2005

Serenity released in Australia today. Making it the first country in the world to get the movie on general release.

I'm going to see it tonight with a few friends, two of which are Firefly fans and two of which haven't seen the show. It'll be interesting to see their reactions.
I'm going tonight at 7pm in Tassie for the 2nd time I saw an Advanced Screening of the movie exactly a month ago from today
I've seen it five times, and I'm still jealous of the aussies
As of today, I have also seen it five times. The midnight show tonight will be six, and then the four shows on friday will put me up to ten. :)
sfrechette, you're an example for us all. if every fan was as dedicated as you we'd get a sequel without a doubt!

Yeah, I saw the three Chicago preview screenings (thus, there goes my 30 dollars), tuesday night's blogger screening, private showing at my theatre tonight, midnight show I put together thursday night, and obviously the opening shows.

I'm dragging people along tonight and tomorrow night - can't wait to learn their reactions
Just come back from my third viewing of the BDM and I am worried. The crowd laughed in all the right places, gasped in all the right places (you know the two I mean!) and cheered at the end - that is all 24 of us! Crap, first public showing in my home town and the 150-seat cinema has all of 24 f%#king people in it.

This movie is great (and even better on third viewing!) and should be seen by millions around the world but if this is representative of Australia's response, it is gone!


On the other hand I am going to see it again so maybe tomorrow's crowd will be better.
catalyst2, where was that?

And really, it's only going to be people that really want to see it that would have gone to the midnight session. :)

And I forgot to mention in my original post that I have seen it before, at the Broadway pre-screening earlier this month. :)
Going to see it in an hour. :D I hope there are tickets left.
I've been monitoring seating online (via's forum) and it looks like it is averaging around 30 people per screening. Crap.

(However, they haven't got to the late night screening reports yet)

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(However, they haven't got to the late night screening reports yet)

Exactly. You can't expect the middle of the day on Thursday to sell out - even if it is school holidays in some states.

Taking some "Firefly" newbies to a screening tomorrow night - which is my third viewing of the film.
Many people are saying todays screenings have messages from Joss at the beginning. Is that wise, for a wide release?
There were about 40 or so people at the 6.45 pm screening I went to at my local suburban cinema. No school age kids. Not bad for a weeknight really. And only 7 of us stayed for the credits - so I figure we were the only rabid fans.

Everyone laughed at the right places, and the shock at one particular point was palpable, so I think they were mostly newbies.

No Joss message before our screening.

Can't wait for the opening weekend box office figures. I'm gonna be on tenterhooks...

And fifth viewing? Still picking up so much new stuff.
UIP will be posting the box office figures on Tuesday (they are off on Monday due a holiday, so no figures until then). So actually, we will have US box office figures before Oz figures, bizarrely.
Just came back from the 9pm screening in Melbourne Central, was excellent because most of the seats were filled. Film was also excellent, but then I'd already been to a pre-screening. :P Approximately 90-100 people? Probably more? Quite a few were Browncoats, that was evident. But I'm pretty sure there were at least a few Firefly "virgins" there too.
All revved up and nowere to go !!!
I'm so frustrated, but love feeding of the excitement of all of you.
( djungelurban : Did you make it to the Lund festival?)
Just got home from the 9:30 session at my local cinema... there were only about thirty people there.

Still, as others have mentioned, it is a weeknight.
Guhh. I'm crossing my pinkies for tomorrow.
Ack, the tension is palpable. I've never wanted/needed a film to be a success so much. What I'm worrying is that it's only a modest success and so the UK box-office is still vital because all this waiting will go on for another week.
I am so nervous! Reports so far have cinemas varying from totally sold out to 15-20 seats..!!
I think of it this way:

I work at a theatre, and even sometimes (actually, a lot of times) when a movie does poorly at our place (20-25 people in even the night time shows) it means almost nothing to the overall box office. It is all demographics and the people who just happen to live by certain theatres that want to see something more than others that live elsewhere. And again, it is a thursday people. Coming from America, I know that movies do not do that well (save for Star Wars) when they don't open on a weekend compared to their opening weekend. So no worries, we'll all know tomorrow. :)
Well, I went to the late screening in Brisbane and the 500-odd seat cinema was about 3/4 full :) Pretty good for a Thurs night! I'm going to be heading along during the weekend, so i'm really interested to see what the numbers are like then.

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