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September 29 2005

Good news for two shows featuring previous ME alums. Prison Break gets a full season order and The 4400 is renewed for another 13-episode season.

Breaking up a little from this full day of "Serenity" news.

Prison Break stars Wentworth Miller (from Buffy's "Go Fish") and features Marti Noxon as a Consulting Producer.

The 4400 had Summer Glau in one of the episodes and features her widely in their promotional campaign, also included Doug Petrie as one of the staff writers during Season 2. Doug wrote the episodes "Carrier" and "Lockdown".

Excellent, I love The 4400, and after the season 2 finale, I can't wait to see where they take the show next!
Both Prison Break and The 4400 are very good shows and I really recomend them. Prison Break also features Swdish actor Peter Stormare so I have to be a bit patriotic :-)
Fabulous news. The 4400 became my favorite show over the summer months, thrilled to have it back.
Are there any Mutant Enemy alumns involved with Battlestar Galactica? Seems like the type of high quality show ME writers would gravitate towards (or that would pursure the writers even).

But you wanna talk about cliffhangers!! OMG does BSG know how to do cliffhangers.

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