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September 29 2005

(SPOILER) "The Oceans Twelve disease" - Joss on BBC Radio 1. An uninspiring film review of Serenity, followed by an interview with one Mr Josh Staite... I mean Wheldon.. has aired on Radio 1. The archive is online from the BBC website. Without the rest of the show version. And yes, they play "Going Through The Motions" on national radio for no particular reason.

The reviewer liked Serenity, but calls it "all the emotion and heart of an American teen drama like The OC". Not really sure what he's getting at.

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Who cares, the OC is majorly popular, ergo if Serenity is equally popular = many posteriors on seats = box office success.
I am totally determined to stay positive and enjoy the ride over the next week, no matter what. Boo sucks to anxiety attacks due to mediocre or negative reviews!

Have to giggle a little bit though. In the nicest possible way, we are all kind of like the rabbit staring at the snake at the moment (not being negative, I am just as caught up in this as the rest of you).

Little old me, and I suspect the rest of you, have never paid so much attention to film reviews in my entire life. In truth, I have never made a decision to see or not see a film based on reviews. I read them of course, but just to get an idea whether the content or style of a movie is something that might interest me Ė and then I go to make up my own mind.

I strongly suspect that is the approach most people take and in fact everybody I have ever spoken to about this does the same (maybe I just have very few friends). Reviews are a great way to remind you that a film is playing, but word of mouth is a thousand times more important than reviews. So basically my take is, letís just keep it all in perspective and enjoy ourselves a little bit as well. Peace be with you. (Climbs off the pulpit).
I don't know if I'm being overly optimistic or not, but the "mixed reviews" have all been positive enough for me. There seems to be a few recurring complaints (it looks like a TV movie... Why do they have six shooters?... The characters don't get developed enough.)

None of those complaints really... yknow... bother me.
The UK press reviews have been spectacular, make no mistake. The BBC published a fantastic review last night as well.
Just to let people know, there will be another "hey bung all the Serenity reviews in this thread" posted shortly.
The UK press reviews have been spectacular, make no mistake. The BBC published a fantastic review last night as well.

That's good to hear because my head is still reeling from that "it's like the OC" remark. Getting.....dizzy......
Did you hear Joss say "WE crashed the website" :) the man is a geek at heart still, just warms my heart.
The number of mistakes or innaccuracies in that was startling. I noticed he said several times that Serenity was the "movie version" of Firefly, as if they had taken the season and turned it into a film. He also said that there was only singing in "Once More With Feeling", which was blatantly untrue. Also makes it sound as if River has just arrived on Serenity.

No offense, I mean it is quite positive but there's something about innaccuracies that annoys me more than an accurate but less positive report. At least that way they've got their facts straight.
Heck, ED, it's Radio One - aimed at a teen audience with a short attention span plus those who haven't aged or are trying not to. (runs and hides from the flak...) - so the OC comparison was a good one. To get something this positive on R1 this long before the British opening is definitely of the good, however bizarrely-phrased it is - the target audience like "The OC".
No Harpy. I heard nothing. No Real Player on my computer. Curses!

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