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September 29 2005

Foxtrot advises Libras to see Serenity. The nationally syndicated comic strip mentions Serenity's opening. Look at the horoscope for Libra.

I think it is a VERY good sign that a mainstream comic (which will be read in newspapers all over the country) is mentioning the movie. I am getting way too excited and anxious about our big opening weekend!
I have to ask my doctor if Lavitra is right for me. How bout I don't. I want to be a Libra now.
I think, this Friday, we are *all* Libras.
Well, I actually AM a Libra (Oct. 10th) but I was planning on seeing it anyways! lol
Unfortunately, I can't be a Libra until monday. Damn weekend visits to my mom. But to make up for it, I'm definately seeing Serenity twice.
Maybe I can drive to see the movie in my all new Ford Explorer! No, wait, all excess cash goes to the movie this weekend.
My mom's birthday is tomorrow. In fact, last year on her birthday, she got the Firefly DVDs from me. We'll both be at the theaters, seeing the same movie, despite being 800 miles apart. Yay for Serenity!
Awesome mention. If it was 'Get Fuzzy', my all-time favorite comic....well then. That would be interesting.
Hah, how convenient that I am a Libra(Sept 27th). You can send my presents, nevermind.
How about your present is that we bring a friend to the theater with us? That work?
I wonder if the underlying lesson here is that Bill Amend has been deluged by media flakking for Serenity, given that the joke is about selling advertising space in horoscopes . . .

OK, I know it's a comic strip. I'm a Foxtrot fan too! Very nice mention.
k8cre8, that sounds good enough for me. ;0) I myself am going 3 times this weekend, each time with at least one or two other people.
Okay then! You've got movie goers in Colorado with your name on them ;) Happy Birthday Danica, and all libras!
What's the phrase? "You can't buy publicity like this."

Hurrah to Colorado! Greetings from Alberta, Canada! Yes, happy birthday to all Libras!

Just make sure my name isn't actually ON people. Stay away from the Sharpies people! lol
If you check the author's website he has a picture of SMG signed that she loves his comic strip. This is a Whedon fan we have here.
Yeah. I think that it more reflect's Jason's own agenda, than, well, a money making ploy, as the others clearly are. Still, funny. And, quite welcome.

Alberta! Yay! And, gotcha. No Sharpies!

Although, the last time I saw Serenity I brought *lots* of Sharpies. Joss' birthday it was.
Okay so now we are all Browncoats, Flans and Libras?

I've never had so many nicknames.

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