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September 29 2005

"The Signal" #12 is online. This week, an interview with Morena Baccarin, a new version of "Mal's Song", a look at "Done the Impossible", and Civil War influences on "Firefly".

It's a great thing to listen to, just as Serenity is about to premiere in Australia and North America this week, and the UK next week.

Just apropos of very little - well, the Civil war reference above, - was I the last to know that the character Jubal Early took his name from a Confederate general who commanded at Gettysburg? Had to finally finish The Killer Angels, (which I do recommend - quick read, but some juicy writing and diverting character studies), to learn that, since I don't recall it ever being mentioned here or in Joss interviews.
I just can't seem to get this to download. Just busy server, I guess.

Okay, got it now.

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Yes, SNT, I'm afraid you were. Sorry. ;-)
Well, thanks for cushioning the blow, Lioness. ;)

In my defense, we weren't taught a lot of US civil war history growing up, and I've never been moved to read about it until now. But I still don't recall the name thing being mentioned anywhere . . .

The good news is that I have a new DSL connection, and can finally participate in "The Signal" and other such fun stuff.
Is the Signal taking FOREVER for anyone else to download? Perhaps it's just me, I'm going to try again later/tomorrow.
It took forever for me too, Danica. But worth the wait!
I love that new version of Michelle Dockrey's song.
It took forever for me, too. A bit of a rush, I suppose.

I like the old version of the song better, to be honest. But oh well, to each their own. Even if they're wrong. =)

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