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"I always had a crush on you, even when I thought you were a dude...this is better."
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February 12 2003

Who could Joss take in fight? The Onion asks, Joss answers.

The Onion: Who could you take in a fight?

Joss Whedon: God. I'm constantly yelling at Him. A lot of my writers are quite religious, and I'm always yelling, "Come on! Strike me down! Wuss!" I don't know why I have such anger toward somebody who doesn't exist.

I love the Onion and I love Joss so thanks for posting this :).
Funny that he says that because I would think God really likes him - not in a "God loves you even though you're a nasty sinner" kind of way, but in a "you have the coolest way of making people really think about Me and religion and spirituality instead of just letting them believe what they are told to believe" kind of way.

'Cause, y'know, me and God, we're tight so I know how She thinks. ;-)
My favorite quote about JW & God:

"Joss Whedon is the Hazel Motes of American television. Motes, a hill-country preacher created by Flannery O'Connor, toured the back roads of the American South to win souls for the "Church Without Christ." Having annihilated God, Motes was helplessly possessed nonetheless by the religious instinct -- and, O'Connor later wrote, his peculiar stubborn integrity lay in his absolute inability to rid himself of the yearning to know what he could not believe in."

from Garrett Epps' excellent review of Firefly (which we really miss) in The American Prospect, "Space Is the Place"
Good one, Joss -- straight to the Top!

O/T: OMG, Emo Phillips! OMG, Berkeley Breathed! I nearly coughed lungage at work.

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