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September 29 2005

The SaveFarscape Website Issues Orders: "We're calling on all fans of Farscape to do three things - Watch Farscape! Watch Serenity! Watch Mirrormask!"

This is good, the Farscape fanbase must be similar in size to the Firefly one, and this is an oppurtunity for them to help each other. Go see Serenity and there's a chance for more Serenity, and it shows the studios that cancelled SF shows can make profitable movies. In a perfect world we'd already be guaranteed more of both.

Seeing as I love both shows I'm thrilled to see this kind of support coming from the Farscape camp. I know the creators of Farscape are hoping that Serenity succeeds because it will possibly help them get a big screen movie too.
The Scapers have always been hugely supportive of the fan efforts surrounding Firefly and Serenity. Kudos to them!
I was thinking about trying out Farscape since I missed it while on the air. My husband and I saw one of the boxed sets and I was wondering if I would love it like I love Firefly...
Well the best way to find out is to just start watching :) I'm a huge Farscape fan and definitely recommend it. However I will say that it took a while to find it's feet, so if you watch the 1st couple of episodes and aren't taken by them, give it a chance. It took until half way through s1 for me to be hooked, but then I was line and sinker as well.
Same for me Paul_Rocks. I had caught an episode here or there and thought it looked intriguing so I bought the first two seasons. At first I was wondering if I had done the right thing but after about the halfway mark for season one I was hooked completely and the show just got better and better after that. I highly recommend it!
I was a Firefly fan first, and then came to Farscape post-cancellation -- and fell in love, so hard. Now as a massive fan of both, I couldn't be more excited: not only is there Serenity tomorrow, but Farscape starts airing in syndication in the US this weekend. I love seeing my shows live on!
Yay, Farscape! I love that show. It's futuristic but has a primitive tribal element as well, and with the puppets (that are very well done, I might add), it has a unique feel. I adore John Crichton's story arc. I might have to watch it in syndication.
I adore John Chricton!!!!!!! So sexxxxy!
I second that squee, Blwessels. Crichton is sexiest when tormented. John/Aeryn 4 evah!!! ;)
I'm telling you, one of these days all forms of Sci-Fi television are just going to merge to become one and be called "The Lost Supernatural Angel Slayer Files of the Charmed Babylon Fargate & Galactica Trek." They shall all be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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