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September 30 2005

Knitting Jayne's hat. Hjem's pictures of his new hat in progress, and worn. Via Technorati, where Serenity now is at #6 in 'Top Searches This Hour'.

That is indeed a cunning hat. I do like that :).
A good friend of mine knitted me a Jayne hat and I will be wearing it tomorrow to the premiere.
I wanna Jayne hat. Suppose I'll settle for my Jaynestown shirt.
I'm wearing a Hawaiian shirt tomorrow.

That way I can dress like a character and still go to a restaurant without people staring at me!
I actually made a Jayne hat, too, and I'm one of the s-l-o-w-e-s-t knitters ever.
Such is the intensity of my geekazoid fan-ness.
Tee hee m'cookies! Speaking of geekazoid fan-ness: I've knit about 50 of these cunning orange "toques" (the Canadian word for "hat") for my fellow Canadian Browncoats, and I'm still going strong. I envision a sea of orange hats for the premiere in Toronto. *crosses fingers*
I'm going to a midnight show here in Salt Lake City, and I'm wearing a Jayne hat I knitted myself. I used one of those round knitting loom dealies, and all was well 'til I hit the earflaps.

Then I had to innovate. It's not bad looking, but it seems less than canonical.

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