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September 29 2005

(SPOILER) 'Night Stalker' looks to follow in past's creepy footsteps. The article says that "viewers today -- after watching shows like "The X-Files" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- need to see more than a mummy or a werewolf to jump out of their seats." (Reg. required).

There's also a quote from Nancy Holder, who wrote over 20 Buffy and Angel novelizations.

Article contains minor spoilers for 'The Night Stalker,' which premieres tonight at 9 on ABC.

I saw the Pilot of Night Stalker tonight. I thought it was pretty damn good. Me and my dad got in this whole big arguement about what the creature was. I thought it was a wendigo and he kept insisting that it was a werewolf. We're both still not sure what the hell that thing was though after it was over. I sure hope this show doesn't get cancelled seeing how there is absolutely nothing else decent on for me to watch at 9:00 PM on thursdays. I'm not too worried however. ABC is quickly becoming my favorite network with shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Invasion, Alias, Boston Legal, and now Night Stalker. CBS can go to hell.
I thought it was.... well not great, but pretty good. OT, the Alias premiere was quite great. ABC is doing a good job taking chances on new shows.
I thought the show was okay - I don't remember much from the original series, being that I was just a kid back then, but I do remember it being quite creepy. I didn't feel that way at all with this show. I was interested enough to give it another viewing or two. My daughter, on the other hand, loved it!

And Alias was fantastic tonight. Had me guessing the whole time what was going to happen with Vaughn and it looks like it could be an intriguing season.

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