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"Remember that sex we were planning to have EVER again?"
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July 16 2002

A transcript of James Marsters' appearance at the ShoreLeave 24 convention in Maryland (July 12-14). Includes photos and audio/video clips of him singing and reciting part of the Scottish play.

On Joss: "For the first two years of the show, I never really talked to the man because I was too nervous. In stage, writers donít really have a lot of power so if you go to one and you tell them their work is really top notch, itís just really a worker to a worker. But I was in a situation where the dude was my boss and I did NOT want to kiss his butt so I just completely avoided him."

And: "He basically explores his deepest fears and forces his fellow writers to do the same, to expose themselves and their most embarrassing moments of their life and then he just plasters vampires over the top of it so no one knows what youíre talking about."

Trust me James, this is NOT a problem. Most BS shippers prefer a 'nekkid' Spike and a clothed Buffy---keep working out!

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