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February 12 2003

(SPOILER) Scifi article reports on Buffy finale.

Angel to appear on Buffy?
SciFi reports that Angel will appear on finale of Buffy if this is the last season.

Lizziebelle, don't write spoilers in titles or descriptions, please. If you're quoting spoilers write them in the extended description box.
to tell the truth, i doubt we'll ever have a fulfilling ending to the angel/buffy saga. why? because we want it.
joss has said for years that the shows are about giving us "what [we] need, not what [we] want". which i've always interpretted as "giving us what we don't want". i have this theory that joss actually hates us, and likes to see us suffer.
i think buffy and angel belong together.
though, i really wouldn't mind seeing buffy "end up" with spike, somehow.
which means that she won't end up with either of them. (see how my reasoning works? see the paranoid freak that joss has cultivated?)
Maybe she'll leave this earth and become a higher being.

Oh wait.
So sorry, I'm just learning the ropes here. :) I hope I didn't ruin anything!

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