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"Very sweet she was, like clover and honey."
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September 30 2005

(SPOILER) Joss answers your questions. From the Serenity webmaster programme, here are the answers to your questions. Well, two of ours, at least. Minor spoilage.

From our list of 25+ questions, #1 and #last got answered.

Joss, which of the nine people on Serenity do you most identify with and why?

Worf, 'cause he's leathery but gentle.

lol, that's too funny. Glad I read it at home and not in the office as I actually burst out laughing.
1) A Little Princess
2) Dombey and Son
3) Dune
4) Hitchcock by Truffaut
5) Pride and Prejudice

OK, strangely enough, I've read 4 of the 5 books he lists as books he would take to a desert island. I love A Little Princess and Pride and Prejudice, though I prefer other books by each author (The Secret Garden and Emma, respectively) and well, Dune is a classic for many good reasons, and the Truffaut book about Hitchcock is really good too. Truffaut was a total fanboy of the great director, and I think he wrote this book, which is essentially a book-length interview with the Master going over every film of his career, before he became a director. I read it years ago, and only really remember how technical Hitchcock sounded as he talked about his movies, when I wanted to learn more about the sordid passions and half-repressed horrors that made his movies psychologically compelling rather than just suspenseful and witty entertainment.

As for the 2nd book, I've never been a fan of Dickens -- in fact, you could say I kinda loathe his writing -- but now I'm curious enough to look up the online text.

ooh, Joss has got me reading.
Amy and Alexis in Much Ado? Go for it Joss, but movie not stage play!

I assume they'd play the Beatrice and Benedict roles. We could have Michele and Sean as Hero and Claudio repeating their smoochies from that Lifetime TV movie they just did. ASH as Leonato with James as his brother, David as Don Pedro and Adam as the evil, double crossing, Don John...
Yay, the "Joss, which of the nine people on Serenity do you most identify with and why?" was mine!

I'm a little confused by the answer though. Is Worf a character from Star Trek? I'd still like to find out which of the Serenity crewmembers he identifies with. Wash perhaps? A bit of Mal?
Worf is a Klingon and appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Worf = Jayne and Mal combined me thinks. :)
Worf = Jayne and Mal combined me thinks. :)

But grumpier.

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