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September 30 2005

A small interview with Nathan Fillion from Entertainment Weekly. They talk about his career and, of course, about "Serenity". There's also an article about the box office prediction for this weekend. These articles, along with the previously posted review, will probably all be featured in this week's new issue.

And the wonderful thing is, he'll stay the same sweet, genuine and generous, down-to-earth person that he is now. Mandy
Don't worry, Nathan. No one can ever play Mal but you!
Hey Mandy, just to remind you that we don't sign our posts, since your screen name is already provided. Ta.

Nathan is a nice guy. Actually, a nice slab of actorly granite, masquerading as a guy.
ok, sorry about that. Posting as myself and not Equality Now, that's why. Can't register as it's closed. Will remember tho' and thanks for the tip!
This Joss quote is really giggleworthy:

"I honestly believe he's Harrison Ford, if given a shot. And, yes, he's genuinely a good guy. Not only nicer, but occasionally more articulate than me. That's why I don't like him."
Someone else play Mal? Like that thought's not going to keep me up all night. Thanks for the nightmares, dude.

*blows kiss* Nathan rocked my world in Serenity, and I already loved him to begin with.
wow, Giant Hummingbird! um, nothing else but that he joked about gaining 20 lbs in other interviews, but did he really? B/c he looked buffed out in the movie, moreso than the series.

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