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September 30 2005

Seattle P-I's story about the fans' role in reviving Serenity is on the web and includes quotes from several local Browncoats.

Folks were interviewed at the 9/17 Firefly Mini-Marathon at Kirkland Performance Center.

I'm guessing you're the Stephanie that was instrumental in making the recent KPC FF Mini Marathon happen, and I want to thank you and anyone else responsible from the bottom of my Browncoat heart. That was a blast!! Well done!

(I wore my WHEDONesque shirt.)
It might only be important to me, in which case, you know, ignore me, but we didn't take out the Variety ad to ask FOX to reinstate the show.

I think it's hugely important (again, maybe just to me) to note that we spent a month raising funds for that ad, and that the ad was placed 2 weeks before cancellation. The ad came out the same week they got cancelled.

But the fans saw the writing on the wall, and tried very hard to prevent the cancellation, to try and persuade the advertisers to keep buying time, long before FOX pulled the plug.

We didn't ask anyone for anything in that ad, we just said thank you to each advertiser for funding it, and to both Sandy Grushow and Gail Berman for greenlighting it in the first place.

And I say this not to be nitpicky about it, but to remind that the fans were particularly savvy and on the ball pretty much right out of the gate.

It's important to know that fans were prepared for the worst case scenario, that they were smart and strong from the start.
Absolutely. Good points, Allyson.

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