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September 30 2005

Joss Whedon's Firefly gets a second chance on the big screen. The Boston Globe's story about the cancellation and resurrection of Firefly. (Registration might be required).

I know there's already been hundreds of stories exactly like this; I was just happy to see this article in today's Globe.

''There was an online campaign even before the show was canceled," Whedon says. Fans took out an ad in Variety supporting the show. Websites such as,, and popped up, all of which fueled interest.

Wow if that's not the most inaccurate piece of reporting I've seen today, I don't know what is. was set way before Firefly even aired and Caroline launched Whedonesque in June 2002. And was a Universal website set up for fan screenings. Fact checking is a wonderful thing.
I think I should write a campaign FAQ, or something. Odder, I was just cleaning out my desk and found the last copy of the Variety ad I have. Thought it was lost.

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