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October 01 2005

"Carnival of Souls" is the title of the latest BtVS book. Book is due out in March 2006. Author is Nancy Holder.

The book would appear to be set pre-"Chosen", given the blurb on the cover: A timeless evil puts down stakes in Sunnydale. Considering Sunnydale no longer exists, either evil got dumber or evil got sneaky!

*bites tongue*

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Whenever I edit my posts people still see the first thing I put. Thats' not fair.
Christopher - from the blurb, I think it is pre-Chosen. For me (and I realise I say this at risk of being hit with fruits and various meats), I quite enjoyed "Queen of the Slayers". Allowing that it is not cannon, of course, I thought it was entertaining and fairly close in characterization.

Yes, run and hide your babies and your beadwork!

ETA: sorry Christpher, I think you edited just as I was posting!

charisma, when you edit, you can remove the whole message if need be so you can remove the "offending words"! ;)

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Charisma, what are you on about?
Okay...(Tiptoes out of the thread, clueless as usual.)

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SFX 135 claims that '"After Image" by Pierce Askegren and 'Carnival of Souls' by Nancy Holden ... are set during the early years of the series, when Buffy and the Scooby Gang are still at Sunnydale High.'
Wouldn't it be nice to have some Buffy and Angel books that were not displayed in the "teens" section of the bookstore. The Angel ones are better, but the Buffy ones - not so much. I think lots of us are adults and might appreciate a more mature book. Certainly, mature topics occurred on the TV show.

That said, does anyone have any recommendations for some of the books that might be somewhat more adult? Thanks.
I haven't read many Buffy books but the Spike and Dru book "Pretty Maids All In A Row" has a more adult theme and I would say the same for "The Lost Slayer".
Agreed, TexLuvsAngel, I would love some BtVS literature that doesn't assume I'm a 15yr old girl. Nowt wrong with being a 15yr old girl, it's just a different approach would be nice! I don't know any better books though, I've only read a few.
ETA: A few Buffy books, not a few books in general! The Gatekeeper Trilogy & Book of Fours. Haven't read the Lost Slayer though, might give it a go, thanks Simon.

[ edited by lone fashionable wolf on 2005-10-01 20:59 ]
Thanks, guys. I'll look for those. In the meantime, I'm watching episode 3 of Bones for the 3rd time! I really like it.

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