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February 13 2003

(SPOILER) Buffy 'to live on with new star' This is the BBC reporting a story from the Express.

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I wouldn't like to think that journalists reporting on this are getting information from here and recycling it.
There's a lot of recycling going on, me thinks...
If that's all true I can't say I'll be mad but I really would be devestated
But that's just it -- *if* it's true. It's all just rumor-mongering until someone (Whedon, Gellar, a network exec) releases an official statement of some kind.
And to add on to Unreality's statement, M.E. and the network would be unwise to release an official statement until after the season finale, because any official statement will give away how the last episode of the season ends. They're gonna want to keep us in the dark as long as possible. In fact this 'rumor' about Faith coming back could be a red herring.

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