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October 01 2005

Joss Whedon interview on BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme - link has full online archive of show (RealPlayer required). He talks about Serenity, and a little more information about Wonder Woman. And, you know, vampire beagles in the Spike movie (I made that bit up).

I forgot about this and arrived home, went straight to my radio and found that I had just missed the Joss part. So thanks for the linkage.

Does anyone know how to save this file so I can put it on my iPod or something?
direct link

(I downloaded it with NetTransport, but it should work with other downloading tools too.)
I switched on the radio on my way home and my daughter said instantly "That's Joss Whedon!" I have my family well-trained. Sadly, all I heard was the last bit, about the WW film - so off to the Beeb to listen to the rest!
Could someone give us the gist of what he said? I don't have RealPlayer).

Thanks in advance.

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