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October 01 2005

Fox Re-releasing "Buffy" and "Angel" Box Sets (R2) - Again. This Monday Fox are rereleasing seasons 1 and 2 of both shows, repackaged and repriced at around 35 pounds.

Do they really need to bring them all out again, you can already get them in there original packaging, or the 3 amaray boxes in a box packaging for this price if not cheaper.

The pound symbol plays merry hell with the RSS feed so that's why I changed it. I hate those awful DVD covers, I really do prefer the old packaging.

Do they really need to bring them all out again

Seeing as their creator has a movie out in the UK soon, I would imagine 20th Century Fox UK thought it would be good to shift a few more copies.
Saw an ad for this today - absolutely no clips from S1/2 of Buffy were in it!
Grounded - I saw the advert for the Angel S1/S2 set, and I'm pleased to say absolutely no S1/S3 footage was shown as well. In fact, they showed lots of Spike and Illyria.
I'm still waiting on this:
It's a complete series box set (Angel) at only 112 pounds. That's not bad. With each individual season being priced at 35, that brings the sum total to 175. Buy the complete box set, and you save yourself 63 pounds (unless my math is way off).
These newly packaged sets have already been released in Australia - I took a look at the insides of one, and they are really well designed, holding 6 discs in a single case which is about 1 1/2 to 2 times the size of a normal amaray case

But I'm definetly ordering up the complete boxset of Buffy from the US... and I'll see if they end up releasing an Angel one as well

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