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October 01 2005

AICN-Downunder: Joss Whedon info [about Buffyverse TV movies!]. Quint from AICN reports on a rumor about there being the possibility of more than one Buffyverse TV movie. WW and Charisma Carpenter are also mentioned.

Here is the quote under "News"

"Big scoop came in earlier this week. Joss Whedon's been in town recently promoting SERENITY, and got to speaking with our new (and highly anonymous) scooper. "He told me that it's 99% likely (his words) that a new series of "Buffy" and "Angel" TV movies of the week will be happening soon. Spike will be the kick-off point followed by, hopefully, one with Illyria (sp), and Willow - depending on 'everyone's schedules, naturally'. In addition, he told me he'd like to get an unknown to play Wonder Woman, though Charisma Carpenter will 'at least get to test... she's got the look'. But yeah, I get the feeling he'll be flying the flag for a Brandon Routh-like newbie, one thing he did say was interesting though... something about fancying a tall Amazonian-type." Apparently Whedon also said something to the scooper about casting Michael J Fox to make WW look even taller. I'm not sure about that last one, though, sounds like a bit of a leg pull."

I'm excited.

It seems like this must have been posted before because...well...I never see anything first and I never go to Ain't it Cool News. However I did not see it anywhere, so here it is.

Mods, if it did get posted and I did not find it just delete it with no hard feelings and minimal embarrassment (I hope.) ;-)
I've not read this before newcj.

And bloody excellent news. Today has been a good day in the Whedonverse. The revelation of 4.2 million for 'Serenity' on its opening day, now this.

It doesnt quite beat the giddy heights of the now famous September 23rd 2005 (but will anything?) but its sure up there.
No it didn't get posted yesterday on Serenity day. Normal coverage about the Whedonverse is more or less resuming.
Indeed. I would just like to say, I think it's a little off when conversations that were probably personal between people get posted on the internet like this, especially with regards to CC on Wonder Woman.
CC for WW! Or not...
Good news, still though, until cameras roll on these tv movies, be saving the best celebrations until then, just in case, as the pain of getting my hopes high was all too frequent when Angel was stopped and the fan saving began. Can't believe it's been over a year, hopefully a bright future ahead again for the slayerverse!
Wow, this all seems too... good to be true? I'm extremely excited to hear it but it seems like this person has basically summed up everything we WANT and said it's now 99% likely to happen. I'm really glad that CC is being given a chance! :)
Buhh. If an anonymous source to AICN Australia has quoted a conversation they've supposedly had with Joss -- take it with a pinch of salt. I mean, there's somebody who pretends to be Joss on RottenTomatoes - they have over 1000+ posts on there, that's some serious effort.

The reality is nothing is signed, so suggest 99% it'll happen... You know. Blergh.
Yeah, for now this falls into the too good to be true category. Plus, no Faith movie?
(edited to make sense)

[ edited by lone fashionable wolf on 2005-10-02 00:16 ]
Wow, I could have made up that AICN Australian report. I saw Joss at a Q&A. I read that recent interview (with TV guide?) where he said he was interested in a TV movie with Spike, Illyria and the fact he's still in close contact with Alyson Hannigan. I could pretend that he suggested they would be three separate TV movies instead of the one he's really been alluding to all along. The TV guide interview seemed to suggest that it would be a Spike TV movie with Illyria along for the ride - and Willow would turn up if Alyson had the time.

The Charisma Carpenter thing is a fanboy dream. Not that it wouldn't be nice to see, but did it really take someone reporting from Australia on AICN to make that connection? Uh, no - people have speculated about Charisma as Wonder Woman from before Joss got the job!

Oh, how I hate AICN and their anonymous made up stories.
When Sarah MacDonald asked him about it on ABC Sydney (the MP3 link was posted here ) she asked, in the very last minute, about Buffyverse movies - plural - and Joss' reply refers to "a lot of extraordinary characters who we may get a chance to see again". He didn't contradict the plural at all but concluded with the fact that he's "starting to set something up" which might be interpreted to mean one something only. At the time I thought that was properly ambiguous if there was no concrete news. I can't see that the AICN thing adds anything.

As for CC - the quote smacks of a diplomatic response to a question such as "would you consider CC?"

[ edited by purplehazel on 2005-10-02 03:17 ]
*beams* It's a good time to be a Whedonite.
He is talking about separate movies for Spike, Illyria and Willow?

Michael J. Fox, I love that guy, he would be great choice.
When it comes to a possible return of Angel/Buffyverse to TV, things are getting bettter and better everyday.
I think It could be better if they do direct-to-DVD movies, instead of Tv-Movie of the week.

A DVD release means more money, from rentals and sales, right?
So, more money, more budget.

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