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October 01 2005

(SPOILER) Paul Ens, the Director of Lucas Online at Lucasfilm, talks Serenity at "If you're a fan of Star Wars, you really owe it to yourself to check out the Serenity movie. Unless, of course, you don't like adventure, excitement, laughter and fun."

Yes, shiny, but I wish somebody could tell me what is "small screen" about "Serenity".

Saw it again all Joss-stuff, it just gets better and deeper and more meaningful all the time. Good crowd (in Arlington, VA), too.
I like that I can FINALLY read these spoiler-tagged links, after all these months of hiding behind covered eyes.

This piece was very shiny. If only we could get all the Star Wars fans out now...
Wow. I mean...well this is praise from an unexpected corner. Nice, I have to say.

(I'm ignoring the 'small screen' thing. I've been fuming over those 'tv' remarks all week. I'm just ignoring it now)
Yeah, also relieved that I can finally look at the spoiler threads too!! And yeah, I also don't get the "small screen" comments. I thought the movie was amazing and it was the effects were stunning. They were so stunning that at times they almost, but not quite, distracted me away from the story. Must see it again soon!
Well, I have no self control and was spoiled before - but right now, just everything is still shiny!

I thought that his review was still a touch on the snobbish side. I actually enjoyed the space battle scene much better then RotS, primarily because they had an organic feel to them. It wasn't as crisp and clean, but that proved be a very good thing. It almost carried a 3D type of effect that was just awesome.

I still contest that Mal is way better character than Han Solo could ever be, and after seeing the movie twice yesterday - that opinion has only massively increased.

If Mr.Ens finally watched the whole series, how come he wanted to know what was up with the eastern influence and language? Must not have been paying very close attention.

And lastly, the long spiel about the music. I can tell that he is so indoctornated within the Lucas world (which I am also a card carrying member - so please understand that I speak from a greater love here) that he actually believes that in order for something to work - you need to add in an element even when it would be out of place. I loved the original theme song - with all my heart and soul. But it didn't fit in the movie. The movie is not the TV show. I loved the score and can't wait until my Amazon shipment arrives in a few days.

All in all, I suppose it was some good press - but a little "sideways" in my opinion.
I also loved the soundtrack (some more than others). Especially the music when SERENITY is on screen and they are entering atmo.

It started very chinese-like movie with the cello and then, oh so awesomeness.
Yes, I also very much enjoyed the space battle. It was hectic, chaotic, hard to follow, scattered...much like I think a space battle would really be like.
Yes, I also very much enjoyed the space battle. It was hectic, chaotic, hard to follow, scattered...much like I think a space battle would really be like.

Exactly! Watching it was like being on a ride - a wonderful, thrilling ride!
CinJudes: I would have to admit that I don't feel the series every really explained the whole Chinese super powers influence thing. The show itself never covered this aspect of the back story that I recall, and I only know the idea behind it from hearing Joss speak about it or reading interviews about it.
I never got the feeling the movie was "small screen". I just saw it the day it was released in the US and I loved it. I plan to see it again (maybe today). I went in totally unspoiled, so I too am glad to finally enter and read the spoiler threads. When I saw all the posters I was a bit concerned that the movie was going to be all about River, with no one else really mattering much. I was happy it was mostly about Mal; Nathan was great.

Mr Universe was great and I loved the Buffy bot he had!

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