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October 01 2005

Q&A with Eliza Dushku at Wizard World Boston. Faith, Tru Calling, her new movie "Nobel Son" and whether or not she'd work with Joss again all get a mention.

ED as WW? Yes, please.
Nah. She's too short. I'm glad she's willing to work with Joss again.
Too short? She could be the from the rare sect of short Amazonians, ya never know. :)
She sounds cool. She sounds a lot like Faith.
She really does sound like Faith. I swear, Joss picked the perfect woman to play the character. And there are so many short actresses, I can't imagine it being hard to work around it. A camera and a pair of stilettos can do anything!
Exactly. Nobody's too short in Hollywood. Or too tall, I guess. Did you see the hobbits?
Another mention of Dog Sees God (try saying that backwards....), last I heard Michelle Trachtenberg was involved in it. Sounds "interesting" to say the least.
Slap the dukes on! Its such a Faith thing to say. You just cannot not love Eliza.

Pleased to hear about her new work. The last time I heard she was doing anything was that guest spot in 'That 70's Show'. A new movie and a Broadway play sounds good to me.

Also so glad to hear she's not done with TV. *cough* Faith series/TV Movie *cough*
Right on Apocalypse, I've called Joss a genius on other boards lately, and Eliza using the word as well, so hopefully those two team up for a Faith return down the line. She is as well as beautiful, a awesome cool woman, and very young still with many things to look forward to from her.

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