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October 02 2005

(SPOILER) Or was it really about 'Alien: Resurrection' after all? Javier Grillo-Marxuach, supervising producer and writer at 'Lost', shares his thoughts in this leftfield look at Serenity.

Well...he likes the movie. "Interesting" take, funny if disrespectful of the cast...I guess in the end, a positive review is a positive review even if 99% of the population would have no idea what he's talking about!
It's a fun look at Serenity but with perhaps with a kernel of truth in it.
Hehe cool, I always read Javi's lj but hadn't read this yet. I have to say I'd not seen Alien Resurrection since seeing it at the cinema so I'd totally missed any similarities, reading that did bring some of them back to me though.
I don't think carrying his analogy through from beginning to end works. It's slow, drawn out too long, and plodding. Maybe that's a good style for "Lost," but it comes off as him totally amused with himself. It's kind of like a public act of self-gratification.

I'm not trying to bash the man. There is a lot there to respect about his writing for "Lost." I just found this "review" not to be one of his best works.
Haven't seen Alien: resurrection so I have no idea what this guy's on about.
Make sure you read the comments, where Javi says (among other things): "that's the whole point - he isn't just making up for the unjust death of firefly, he is also finally making the aliens movie he would have made..." He also says Joss himself talked about similarities between Alien and Serenity.
Javi is known for having his tongue firmly in his cheek! But believe me, he is a fanboy and a HUGE fan of sci fi and Joss Whedon! Great read!
I was just watching Alien Ressureciton on AMC the other day and noticed striking simliarites between Ron Pearlman's character and Jayne! lol, but Adam Baldwin is funnier than Ron so he takes the coin.
Didn't Joss say his influence on the movie was more 'Alien' than Star Wars or Star Trek on some interview? Or did I read that wrong. I guess that's what he meant.
I totally get the "writer gets revenge on sightless directors" angle of the piece having been there myself (or at least the lot-of-the-shafted-writer aspect). I just see his blog entry as almost a stream-of-consciousness piece rather than a yummy piece of writing meant for public consumption.
Having never seen Alien Resurrection, I would not know if the parallels are accurate. Assuming they are, however, it would further explain Joss's frustration at not getting the story of these people and his world out. It would be going one step beyond BTVS. A movie that was messed up by the PTB that he turned into a TV show that was cancelled before it could be successful that he turned into a movie. Well we all knew Joss wasn't a quitter. ;-)
I've got to admit that when I first watched Firefly I thought "ah, this is where he was going with the crew of the Betty." However I don't blame him at all for revisiting some of the character types he created for Alien Resurrection. He found something that worked, had a director trash the idea, and then reused parts of it in a new project that he could make sure was done right. I'd probably do the same thing.
Alien Resurrection was the only movie I ever walked out of. Thought it was awful. Watched it on the telly a couple of years back and it was a lot better the second time round.
I thought Alien: Resurrection was okay. Had a few choice bits of dialogue, hybrid!Ripley was fun, etc. Then I watched the "director's cut" of it and enjoyed it a bit more.

I took Mr. Grillo-Marxuach's commentary to be pretty snarky, but he forgets the obvious: most crews in similar straits would have a fairly similar group of people. Why, yes, hopefully one will have a pilot with a ship, and given that the pilot probably won't be responsiblef for a lot of "action," he'd better have some decent, probably humorous, dialogue. Alternative: laconic pilot who does not interact with the crew ... no, not buying it. A crew would undoubtably have some muscle for heavy lifting and intimidation, and given the typical characteristics for that role, you would expect someone who is a bit rough and not amazingly concerned with everyone's feelings. The scenario strongly influences the roles to be filled, and the roles lend themselves to the sorts of personalities who fill them. This isn't stereotyping, it is recognition of human nature.

In short, he sounds like he is critizing Whedon for a lack of originality, but most of this stuff is common sense. If you're colonizing other planets, expect terraforming. The use of Asian languages would be almost a given. It's not a "trope" used by a creatively-challenged science fiction writer, it's just common sense.

Sorry for the minor rant, but I'm liking the hell out of Serenity right now and if some Hollywood type wants to criticize it ala Kathy Griffin, I'd expect more than facile argument.
It sounded to me like something only a fan would write. Call me crazy, but Javi sounds affectionate.
Javi seems to be just having fun after seeing the movie. I found the "review" hysterical. I don't see a teeny bit of snark in that whole post. I think he is just being silly and having a lark. Good for him. Lots of Lost fans read his LJ so this helps get the word out.
Meanwhile, despite the humor-impared reaction by some here when I made a JOKE about the NY Post review of course being bad because it's owned by the same guy who owns FOX, I nonetheless feel compelled to point out that the NY Post also says this in its capsule review:

This jokey junior 'Star Trek' lasted 9 episodes as a tv show called 'Firefly,' so naturally it was promoted to the big screen. The rebel crew of a spaceship, all of whom talk like sarcastic tv teens, zip around the univers harassing the evil Alliance, but their only real purpose seems to be to kill two hours of screen time.

Yeah, no vendetta there. ;)
does this Javi guy have something to do with the series Lost? i tried so hard to like that show but, meh. his review of Serenity isn't as witty as he or his commenters (fans?) imagine, even if it's not negative. i did see A:R, and didn't fully hate it - mostly because it's lost potential still managed to be somewhat present.

Yeah, no vendetta there. ;)

wow, just wow. yep, no vendetta whatsoever.

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