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October 02 2005

INTERVIEW: Keith R.A. DeCandido - "basically I was impersonating Donkey in SHREK, jumping up and down and yelling, 'Pick ME! Pick ME!' "

Just finished reading this last night and thought Krad did an excellent job with it. Makes you want to rush right back out and see the movie again (not that you need that incentive to go and see it again).

Thanks Krad for the very enjoyable read. I thought you captured the characters beautifully and nicely got in their heads and expressed their thoughts.

Hi Krad, I hope you read this thread. I really liked it too and thought you did a very good, solid job with the language, tone and pacing, etc. and all the little extra details. It was a great read -- I've read it twice now. It was like watching the film again in my brain. Except now I know some of the final editing choices for the mainstream version because I saw a pre-screening and read the novelization. :) Anyway, I hope you'll do the novelization for the BDS (Big Damn Sequel). Thanks again for a great job.

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