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October 02 2005

Pre-Order Greg Edmonson's "Firefly" Soundtrack CD. This is a link to the product page at CD Universe. It has a sale price of $12.59.

Really cool! I wanted the soundtrack but I would holding out for a CD I could hold.
Yeah. And as was posted in another thread, Varese Sarabande (the label) says there will be bonus tracks, meaning more than the 17 in FOX's digital download. So it will most likely be the full 23-track CD that Greg sent to FOX Music a couple years ago, which is supposed to come in at a nice, 54 minutes. :-)
Great! I'll buy the hell out of this! :D
I sent an email to Varese asking about the number of tracks to confirm it, and I also asked if those 23 tracks that Greg decided on included the main title or were just his score.

Because every MP3 from FOX had a track number out of 23, EXCEPT the main title, which had no number at all. Leading me to believe that they just threw that in there, and so in actuality there may be 7 bonus tracks instead of 6, and if the main title is on the CD, that'll make a total of 24 tracks.

Did that make sense? LOL. Anywhoo, I'll report what they say when I hear back.

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This is exciting. My only serious disappointment with Serenity is the score. I thought I would really miss Greg Edmonson, but it was worse than that.

Note that this also seems to be available for preorder on Amazon if you search for "Firefly Soundtrack." It's listed as "Soundtrack" by the group "Firefly," but Amazon early info is often like that and with both the release date and the price matching CD Universe, I think this is the same item.
Yeah, I just put CD Universe instead of Amazon because CD Universe had the better price at $12.59. Amazon's price will probably drop, but seeing as the Serenity soundtrack was $13.49 with them, CD Universe is still lower.

I know what you mean about the Serenity score, though. I bought it, and I do like a few of the tracks, 1-5, and 20-23 especially, but the other cues are very action-based (which I guess is to be expected), and in the film, sometimes you can't even hear the music anyway. It seemed low in the mix to me.

And there are cues in the film, the for instance, that aren't on the CD, which really should have been, as I think it would've added more variety.

But as much as I love Greg's work on Firefly, I doubt he could've or should've done what he did for the show for the movie. They're different animals. The problem with Newman's score is that it just seems adequate...and it doesn't make for great listening as an album outside the film (I may have been a little over-enthusiastic when the CD first arrived). But with as tight and fast as the movie is, I don't know what else he could have done (nor am I a composer, so maybe someone else can chime in).

Whereas Greg's score, there's music in the 17 tracks from FOX that I don't remember hearing in the show because it was probably covered by dialogue, I couldn't tell you what episode it's from exactly, and it doesn't matter. Because it stands on its own as a beautiful, often haunting piece.

While I wish he hadn't included certain action cues (because, like with Newman, they're there to serve tension in a scene, not to listen to), there's such a variety of music that those cues almost need to be in there just to show the range he was able to have with the series, ya know?

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