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October 02 2005

Serenity re-enters IMdb top 250. After these gloomy box office report, I figured that we need some cheering up. And even though it might not be enough it's at least something.

And it enters in a big way. Not like last time around when it landed in 249th position just to disappear the day after. No, it's now in 149th position with 6187 votes, a 8.7 rating and a weighted rating of 8.0.

Appearently, if we can get people into the theatre it seems like they enjoy it. So there's still hope for some strong word of mouth. Remember Galaxy Quest.

Serenity is #1 today on IMDB's MovieMeter, which tracks by the amount of hits a page get.

That means Serenity is getting the most amount of requests on IMDB.
Great news! More than 2000 new votes from yesterday, and the overall rating jumped from 8.4 to 8.7!

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Well, now that I've seen the movie, I voted. 10 out of 10 of course!
This is incredibly awesome...
I also just voted 10 out of 10!
I'm going to abstain from voting, at least for now, because I'd just bring the average down. Don't get me wrong - I liked the movie - just not as enthusiastically as most fans.
It's probably got a good rating because of all the browncoats voting 10/10 for it. Not exactly representative. There's no way the movie belongs in a top 250, that's just ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, it's a good film. A very good film. But there's a difference between that and one of the top 250 films ever. Nonetheless, it's good for the success of the movie.
It might not be 1 of the top 250 films ever, but I gave it 10/10 as it's one of my favourite. I've voted for over 200 films on IMDB and I've given less than 20 of them 10/10.
I do like the fact that in the top 250 chart Serenity has 8.0 which is the same as The Wild Bunch which Joss once said was his favourite movie (and which is mentioned in The Harvest).
I thought The Matrix was his favorite movie?
i think that Serenity does belong in the top 250, in fact i think it belongs higher than 250.
most of the top 250 are highly overrated filth. one of the worst movies i have ever seen is the godfather. i will never see what people love about that movie so much. i can go on and on (citizen kane, gone with the wind, the godfather pt 2, and many many more!)
I agree a lot of the movies in the top 250 are overrated -- it's pretty much a popularity contest from one small segment of the pop -- but The Godfather, I and II, are so very not overrated. Sometimes I think those 2 movies are the closest an American artist will ever get to equalling Shakespeare, but I digress.

And I'm going to vote soon, prolly a 10, in a couple of days. The movie is even more impressive after 5 viewings, so I'm just giving it its dues plus my admiration.
Sorry, if you can't see why Citizen Kane is easily one of the greatest movies of all time, then there's not much I can say. It's far from my _favourite_ movie - that's a different kettle of fish. Serenity isn't exactly a landmark film...that's generally what those lists are about, something that pushes the medium forward in some way, or does something that's been done before but to absolute perfection. The Imdb list pretty much means nothing, it's more of a popularity contest. But it's fun and interesting nonetheless.

Anyway, you enjoyed Serenity. So did I. Nuff said.
And it's up to 136 today.

Personally I think movies which are only recently released (or unreleased) should not be in any lists of "best movies ever", because in order to judge such a thing one should look back in a few years and see if then still you think it is a great movie. But this is a problem of how IMDB creates these lists and does not deter me from giving it what I think is its due, which is a 10 (along with a good dozen other movies out of the 250 or so I rated). And if in a few years I change my mind, I can always update my rating.
I thought The Matrix was his favorite movie?

I've read various different favourites in different interviews, but the Wild Bunch quote was from before The Matrix came out so I could be mis-remembering it slightly (it could've just been one of his favourites which I know it definitely is).

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