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October 02 2005

Bidding now open for 'Conversations with the 'Verse'. You've got till Oct 11th to place a bid to have a 10 to 15 minute conversation with Joss Whedon, Tim Minear, Stephanie Romanov, David Fury, Camden Toy, Dennis Christopher, George Hertzsberg, John Billingsly or Scott Schwartz. Proceeds go to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I put in a bid, though I suspect the final price may end up too high for me.
i can see Joss ending up near 5,000 buxx....which is retarded. I'd just try my best to meet him instead of spending all that.
ChosenOne5376, atleast all of the money collected goes towards a good cause.
Oh if only the bidding could end now so I could win.
These things are so great, but I can never ever figure out what I'd say besides "Hey, Joss.. you're AWESOME!".
Indeed, it's about the cause, folks. Also, give Minear some love (and a hug).
While I would love to win, I don't think I could sustain any form of converstation with Joss or Tim. I wonder if we could just exchange a few emails...
yea, at least it does go to a good cuz...
Sort of half-jokingly floated an idea on the earlier auction thread that we pool our resources as a group and nominate one of our mod's to have a Whe-Talk with Joss on W-esquers' behalf. Just seemed like 1) a better chance of 'winning', 2) a way to raise a bunch more money for a worthy cause, and 3) a shot for big fans who can't imagine attempting a conversation with the man Himself, but would love to live vicariously through the Senior Partners' phone call. Interesting? Doable?
i placed a bid to talk to Camden Toy. the Gentlemen & the Gnarl Demon are the only fictional characters, in my adulthood, that have managed to literally give me nightmares. so it could be a really interesting 10 minutes :-D
Tracy, you could ask Camden to do the entire conversation in his Gnarl voice. How creepy would THAT be?
ChosenOne5376, please adhere to proper spelling and capitalisation rules, thanks.
Tracy, you could ask Camden to do the entire conversation in his Gnarl voice. How creepy would THAT be?

Yikes! That would be several levels of creepy to be sure. Especially for him, poor guy :-D If I win that auction I'm definitely going to make sure to watch all of his Buffy & Angel eps beforehand.

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