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October 02 2005

Officially 60,000 members over at the browncoat website. We may be at #2, but we officially have 60,000 members to back us up over at the other Big Damn Board.

Not earth shattering news, but it's garenteed to bring a smile to our saddened faces. Approx. 330 browncoats online last time I checked. Very high compared to the 80-100 usually on. Let's not forget that we are still oh-so-very-fresh:

It would bring a smile to my face if it in any way translated to money. I can't help but think it's just 330 browncoats getting online to talk about how bummed they are.

And if that critical acclaim can buy us some viewers next weekend, I'll be happy. But right now there is very little that can cheer me up. I'm going back to my bathtub.
Every little helps, Rogue.
Nonsense Rogue, I'm seeing to it that my "The Love Thread" is getting good use. Faith in the UK will do you some good. I'd hop in the bath if I didn't have to get sleep early for dreaded college-visits tomorrow :(

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you guys really shouldnt be disappointed with the BO Gross this weekend, wait till the 2nd box office to get disappointed (like having a much lower gross) j/k :)

this isnt really news though, the membership has been climbing in weeks.
Every little helps, Rogue

Hey, MySerenity is trying to cheer us up and that's appreciated, but as a serious question how does this help? I already new there's a decent number of Browncoats in the world. It's a nice thought but all it really tells me is that a lot of other folks are as bummed as I am right now.

I suppose there is something to knowing you're not alone but it's not really comforting to me.

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I'd hop in the bath if I didn't have to get sleep early for dreaded college-visits tomorrow :(

You do know I'm referring to what Joss said he'd do if Serenity didn't do well, right? I've been sitting in that bathtub all day.... You sound far too optimistic to be bathtub bound just yet.

And I was really sure we'd have a strong opening here, so I have no faith right now. People can feel free to prove me wrong. I'd be so happy to eat crow. Really.

...still can't get over the Friday-Saturday drop...
Ahh, Bathtub, now I get it. I approached that comment with it's stress relieving appeal. That an herbal tea. I wasn't bath-tub bound Thursday night, but I was big with the worry. Trust me, I'm plenty upset. Felt like crying when I saw that Friday-Saturday drop myself. I just can't believe that after all we've been through, we're just gonna fizzle and die. I'm a huge glass half-empty girl, but I have faith in what gossi has been saying about the second weekend. I don't predict a drop next weekend, especially with the UK's big opening. I don't believe in much, but I've grown to have a deep belief in Joss' shows and in all of his work. Don't give up so soon in the game. "Rome wasn't filmed in a day" remember.
That board must be really busy, because I haven't been able to get on it for a while now!
Hmmm, in my mind 60,000 members is not the same as 60,000 bloggers. We really need to work harder to get the word out about the movie. Maybe contact a local radio personality and offer to buy them a few tickets and have them talk about it on their show. If your online newspaper has a forum, post how much you liked the movie. Print out Serenity postcards and mail them to all your neighbors, your local newspaper, your radio and tv stations. I told everyone at work about the movie before the weekend and NONE of them had even heard of the movie.
Yeah bloggers is a bit of misnomer, I'll change that.
MySerenity - to be clear, it all comes down to the 2nd weekend now, and I really do hope thing thing has legs that weekend... But that's a hope right now. Realistically, we'll find out soon.

In the mean time - enjoy the ride. It's been fantastic.
The freshness at Rottentomatoes - 80% again - is incredible. It gives me hope that critics will approach New Whedon, like "Goners," with some expectation of quality. When it comes out, Whedon won't be branded as ex-TV guy anymore. Plus I can't wait to see New Whedon that is specifically designed for the big screen without any baggage.

Not that I agree that "Serenity" looks like television, but I think the "Firefly" connection is confusing people - mainstream audiences think they're missing something unless they've got a Browncoat to tell them otherwise.

I was almost certain that Universal would play down the Firefly/Serenity connection but ever since the first trailer they've played it up! That might be the chink in the armour - though I'm still being positive that word-of-mouth will work.
Not allowing guests to view content has a tendancy to increase membership.

I certainly have an account over there, but I'm no "browncoat".

It was a great film. They should have tried marketing it to people who weren't already going.

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