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October 02 2005

Ebert and Roeper give Serenity two thumbs up. It's not up on their site yet but I just caught it on tv.

Apologies if this has already been posted, but oh the excitement of two thumbs up! Serenity was the second review of the program after Into the Blue.

This is good news!!

As cheesy as the whole "thumbs up!" thing is, I have to admit the average movie patron does pay attention to it.
Yes I am hoping this will get a few average movie goers to give Serenity a chance.

This also speaks well for the movie since all the other reviews except Capote were split. Roeper just *ripped* into Into the Blue.
Yeah it would've been nice if this had been more widely known before the opening weekend, but at least they can proudly show it in their ads for this week. Plenty of really good reviews to quote along with this famous (and indeed rather cheesy) 'two thumbs up' thing.

Oh and call it "the number one action movie in america". It's technically true since Flight Plan isn't an actioner and they use that trick all the time. Some film is out and they yell "This is the nr. 1 comedy of the US!!" and then you look and the movie is at numer 6 but there are no other comedies out so it's not a lie. If it works for them, it can work now;-)
I notice how they do that too, Ed!
I notice how they do that too, Ed!

Yeah, it always makes me chuckle, but now I'm thinking: "Hey, whatever works!!"
I caught the show yesterday -- and I downloaded their podcast version (I got it through Yahoo). Ebert said "oh, good" when Roeper said he gave the movie a thumbs up -- I think he really enjoyed it, although he made a slightly snide comment about one of the sets and the likely budgent cutting at the end of the segment.

I, too, wish their review had been available for marketing this past weekend -- but I do hope that Universal uses it for ads this week, both on TV and in print.
Hey why not! Flight Plan started that whole "flight attendents boycotting the movie" thing to get some attention!
he said part of the ship looked like a loading dock, isn't it suppose to be a loading dock? (rhetorical)
how would I get ahold of the Ebert and Roeper podcast review?
I just saw it - glad they gave it two thumbs up but I wish they had talked more about the movie. They seemed to talk a heck of lot more about "Into the Blue". And can I say that it bugs me that Ebert gave that a thumbs up too?!

They did seem to both be very enthusiastic with their thumbs up and although it was a short segment it was obvious they both enjoyed the film.
You can download the podcast here. The one posted 2 days ago obviously.
Thank you Odysseus :)
Flanatic, so agree that Ebert's review of Into the Blue was odd. I used to put more credence in Ebert's reviews, these days so many of his reviews are positive (it's hard to believe there are so many good movies!) and the thumbs up is not often supported by clear reasons. Strange. (Hope this is ok, mods--I like Ebert, it's the reviews that are sometimes puzzling.)
Hee, Ebert just likes anything with a sexy girl in it. Witness all of his reviews for Jennifer Lopez flicks. He's given a "thumbs up!" for everything that woman has done. So I was fully expecting him to adore a movie which is built around seeing "a pretty girl in a bikini".

That said, I loved his print review of Serenity, and thought his enthusiasm came through in the show. And the only movies to get two thumbs up this week were Serenity and Capote, a film angling for Oscars.

Just wish their show would be on a Thursday or Friday night, instead of Saturday night and Sunday.

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I would prefer it if links were posted if and when there's something to link to. 'Seeing it on tv' does not count.
Ebert's review appeared on-line on Friday. He gives it 3 out of 4 stars. You can find it here.

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