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October 02 2005

A New Exclusive Buffy 2 Disc-DVD set, Curse of the Hellmouth , available this Tuesday at Best Buy. Another collection of episodes for those who haven't purchased the full season sets. Doesn't seem as though there are new extras, but more info will be provided at a further time.

I think it's safe to say that Hush and The Wish are definately going to be on that set. I wonder what the other eps are gonna be though.
Since I only have Buffy Season 7 on DVD this could be interesting...
My guess: Hush, Helpless, Nightmares, Conversations With Dead People, Normal Again, Fear Itself, After Life, and Same Time, Same Place

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Spike and Dru are on the cover, so I'm thinking WHATS MY LINE? Maybe HARSH LIGHT OF DAY? (obviously HUSH)
I'll guess that they'll be Nightmares, School Hard, Passion, I Only Have Eyes for You, The Wish, Fear Itself, Hush, and Buffy vs. Dracula. I'd buy that set with those eps on it.
I'd be surprised if "Becoming" wasn't part of the two-disc set, or even "Surprise" and "Innocense."
I'll go with Hush, Halloween, What's My Line 1 & 2, The Zeppo and CWDP.
Jeez haven't they milked the cash cow enough?
One positive thing: I like that cover (Buffy's face on it, only).
Huh? I thought Spike, Dru and Anyanka were on it too. *confused*

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