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October 03 2005

Vote in the SFX Reader Awards 2005. Britain's best and biggest selling genre magazine now has its voting form online. So if people wanted to, they could nominate 'Serenity' for Best Film or Sean Maher for the sexiest man in Sci Fi etc.

Judging by the ballot form, I'm guessing this is for UK and Irish people only.

May not be just UK/Irish - I voted from Australia and it accpeted my vote. Of course in some of these comps, we may not be eligible for the prize draw but the vote still counts! Since I never win prize draws, I was just happy to have my vote count.
I would vote if I had watched any decent sci-fi TV in the past year...grr, I'll come up with something so as not to leave so many blank spots on my ballot...
I had a bit of trouble trying to fill in all the categories but I gave it a go. Summer, Joss and Serenity (Best Film and Hall of Fame Award) all got my vote. A certain Mr Fillion was both my Best Film Actor and Sexiest Man in SF. :)
Well I voted. Into The Blue for best movie. It rocked!


Voted for as many categories as I could - Serenity for film/ comic/Hall of Fame, Nathan for actor, Summer for actress, Joss for director, Sean/Morena for the sexy, couldn't think of a TV episode (TV needs Joss!).
Voted for Serenity and it's cast in all the film categories, they truly deserve it. Put Astonishing X-Men for comics, I really enjoyed the Serenity ones, but I think the X-Men were a little better.

I predict Serenity and Doctor Who being the big winners this year.

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And of course you can vote for Whedonverse alums in Non Serenity roles as well

It's just a shame that Ash's stint in Doctor Who won't have aired on time ... but you could give Lost or Veronica Mars or Alias a shout out in the TV sections.

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