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October 03 2005

'Unshelved' comic featuring Serenity. 'Unshelved', a comic set in a public library, references Serenity. Awww, geek librarians ;)

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Librarians rock. And I don't just say that because I am one.

Heh! Geek Librarians will change the world! (And yes, I too am a geek librarian...)
Isn't "geek librarians" redundant? (And I count myself in those ranks. Go librarians! Nice to see so many of us here.)
I saw these guys at Comic-Con and talked to one of them about Serenity. I felt bad, though, 'cause I couldn't afford a cool "Librarian" jacket. I used to work at the library at school. =)
Eleven times? Jeez.

I've only seen it five...
I'm at three myself, but overall (including June 23) I've purchase 7 tickets, so farů

Not a librarian, but I used to work at a bookstore. Close enough?
Just one more reason why I started a project to bring the Whedonverse to public libraries.
Giles is the coolest librarian ever! Bring on the tweed.

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