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February 14 2003

Love lorn losers, it's your lucky day! Seeing as it's Valentine's Day, TV Guide explains why Buffy Summers and Clark Kent would make a great couple.

Could have been worse, could have been Buffy and Michael Knight.

It would also depend on which Clark Kent one was referring to. The Kent in the present-day tv series "Smallville" is too young for our little Slayer, since she tends to go for very old, undead guys. Buffy's about seven years older than THAT Clark. A relationship between Kent & Summers would not be much more successful than Riley & Buffy. In fact, Clark & Riley are far too much alike, both being farm boys from rural America. Riley's from Iowa and Clark's from Kansas. The alien from another planet thing might interest Buffy for awhile, but ultimately I fear such a 'ship would pass in the night.

If we were to consider the original Superman who was first published in Action Comics back in 1938, that guy's definitely old enough for Buffy today. I mean he's pushing around 70, and he's almost as timeless as Angel or Spike. Although he's a little more wrinkly now and grey around the edges. Come to think of it though, as of 1985 when he disappeared into an alternate reality (see Crisis on Infinite Earths), he was married to Lois. So that guy's pretty much off the market.

Looking at the WB Kent again, I also don't think the present day Clark Kent would give Buffy the time of day. He's got enough lady problems between Chloe and Lana. There's only so much estrogen any Man of Steel can tolerate.
The question: Chloe or Lana?

I'm a Clark/Lex shipper forever ;).
"The question: Chloe or Lana?"

Well the answer is Clark never really gets Lana. If the series stayed sincere to the canon (and while not consistent or wholly accurate, it does seem to try to respect Superman's future to an extent), I don't believe Clark ever tells Lana about his being an alien from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men blah blah blah. Since Lana has made it clear that Clark's being secretive is a definite rift in their relationship, Clark can't get any closer to her without telling her, and if he tells her that may diss continuity fans of the original comic book.

However, the characters that have been invented specifically for this tv version of Superman's childhood are free game. Not being canon, the writers can do what they want, so there's a greater chance Clark will end up with Chloe temporarily than Lana. Clark can tell Chloe without the writers completely disrupting the canon, since Chloe is outside canon.


What this has to do with Whedon, I'm at a loss there.
Clark tells Lana, I believe it's in the Man Of Steel mini. His last night in Smallville, he reveals all and takes her flying. but in the books, she's too familial to him, like a sister. She realizes she can never have him; he belongs to the world. Then Lana hooks up with Pete years later.
re: "What this has to do with Whedon, I'm at a loss there. "

Because Smallville was a BtVS clone in its first season? Thats what a lot of critics and Joss himself thought.

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