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October 03 2005

Joss Whedon Grocery List Garnering Huge Internet Buzz. "I have read Jossís grocery list 148 times and I can tell you itís smarter, funnier, and more compelling than anything currently on TV."

I particularly loved the last "quote"!

That's cute. It's making fun of us, but it's cute.
Good find, very funny, the 'Freddie Prinze jr found in hatch in Lost' on the same page is hilarious as well.
Next we have to interview Joss's dust bunnies.

You know, it's getting very difficult to access all the usual Whedon sites. Somebody is loving "Serenity!"
Too funny! And actually, not all that unbelievable.
And I bet his grocery list is "smarter, funnier, and more compelling than anything currently on TV!"

I missed the FPJ one when I posted this so thanks for pointing it out JPR.
Am I the only one who found it mean? Kind of a "See, the emperor has no clothes" kind of open mocking of the fans of Joss?
It could only be considered mean if you take yourself too seriously.

We can handle being made fun of. We all have a sense of humor about our love of all things Joss.

We do, don't we?
Sadly, in all the bitterness and fallout that is already being generated even amongst ourselves, we are going to get a whole lot more of this. I was so happy on Thursday when I saw the movie, even though it was the third time, because it meant the whole world now got to see that beautiful BDM!

I am so sad and upset now, not because the movie hasn't done as well as we hoped (because, in honesty, #2 at the box office, is NEVER bad) but because of what we (Joss fans generally, not this site specifically) are doing. The fandom seems to be just tearing itself apart. Makes me cry more than the movie did. F#$K IT!!!
It's satire. Being mean is pretty much par for the course.

I hate hate hate hate fake news sites. They're beyond lazy. If you're not The Onion (or perhaps Landover Baptist), find a new format. Even if you had your wacky fake news site before the Onion hit it big, it's time to close up shop. They beat you. "But the world is big enough for more than one fake news site!" you cry. Yes, but the world is also big enough for giant, whale-and-dolphin-impaling, horned leviathans that roam the oceans in search of endangered water mammals to sooth their savage appetites. There's room for such beasts, but do we really want them?

Me? I do. But I don't want any more fake news sites. So knock it off!

On the plus side, the details of the article were spot on. The Veronica Mars thing at the end was a particularly nice touch.
That was quite funny, even though it was just ripping it out of all of us.

The Lost thing was funnier, probably because I can imagine network execs thinking it would be a really cool idea, and is that really the plot for FPJ's show, sounds awful.
In all honesty, I bet Joss's grocery lists are pretty good.

I don't know if they're really TV material though--I'm thinking a comic book would more fully capture his vision.
I'd like to think we can raise a wry grin when the fandom gets affectionately made fun of.

Oh and regarding the whole fandom imploding thing, having lived through the infamous wars in the Buffy and Angel fandoms, I think things are now finally settling down. We'll deal and we'll move on. That's what we do best.

Back to normal tomorrow (hopefully).
That'd never happen... *registers* ~whistles innocently~
LOL! This is pretty much how I feel!
(Now soul searching for guilt or shame... No, nothing!) I'm just so impressed by Joss writing and whit that I almost believe this.

I feel the same as when classmates called me fat, at a time when I really looked anorectic ( 100 years ago).

[ edited by onesnailshort on 2005-10-03 17:11 ]
lol, I thought it was pretty funny but I'm all for irony and satire.
Yes, that's exactly the premise for FPJ's sitcom. Hi-larious? Not likely.

However, this spoof was pretty funny and so spot-on about fandom in general.
That'd never happen... *registers* ~whistles innocently~

Did anyone else type that in your browser to see if there is such site?

No? Err ... me neither.
NickSeng -- I almost registered it and pointed it at Whedonesque :)
Well, The Onion could (and may yet) do a better job. They're too busy liking Serenity, though...

Pretty funny, though.
If you matter enough to have satire written about you, you matter a lot.
Lentils, but no chick peas...the man is a genius.
Is there really a grocery list out there, because it doesn't really sound legit. That's funny, now I'm Googling it whether it's real or not! I love "The Onion," I've been reading it for a long time--ever since that 4,000-word interview with the Joss a while ago.
Arabchick - the article is a just a piece of satire, its not meant to be taken literally. It's a joke. :)
It's kinda funny, and we should all be able to laugh at fandom since it is often spoofable. I do feel though that the point of the joke is obvious already in the first 3 lines, and kinda goes on repeating itself for another unnecessary 10 paragraphs.

Sometimes less is more;-)
Genius. What a brilliant concept.

If I were a brand manager I would now be experiencing intense and prolonged arousal, with nary any Russian porn in sight.

If I were a development executive in a major studio Iíd be flying high as a kite without the help of any diet coke (and be on my seven phones to lock this deal down now!).

Three words people: product placement opportunity.

The future of the motion picture industry has arrived. And as per usual Joss is at the forefront, ahead of everybody else.

See when they call us Ďfar outí, thatís what they mean. Really.
I'd like to think we can raise a wry grin when the fandom gets affectionately made fun of.

Oh and regarding the whole fandom imploding thing, having lived through the infamous wars in the Buffy and Angel fandoms, I think things are now finally settling down. We'll deal and we'll move on. That's what we do best.

Well said, Simon, well said.

When does "Goner" come out, again?
So if Joss *did* give us a grocery list, the third item on the list would be what? Joss? I know you're busy, but inquiring minds, man. . . we need distraction.
Zencat I saw a t-shirt with "cilantro" wrotten on it and I never got the Joss connection. Please explain.
So, two spoof Joss shopping lists in three years? Call it what you will - I call it acclaim. ;)
rsfayez, Joss once posted a long blog entry about making the movie, including: "But no matter how much I suffer for my art, it's worth it. 'Cause come April 22nd I think we'll be bringing you an exciting film that's a powerful statement about the right to be free. Which is not as cool as my original statement about the right to tasty garlic mussels in a cilantro broth, but the freedom thing's okay too." He ended the post with "Cilantro!"

Some folks kinda took it and ran with it...
Hey, can someone send me a link to this grocery list? My Googling is weak. Weak, weak, weak. And I, too, would like to ingest all Joss ingests in hopes of gaining some of his super brainiac waves.
thanks zencat. I've wondered about that for a while now, but it kept on slipping from my mind so I never looked it up.
miranda - sheer genius! That reminds me of a comment Joss himself makes in that 4,000 word Onion AV Club interview with Joss that Arabchick brought up; the interviewer asks him whether how (at the time, circa summer 2001) he claimed that he's still nobody as far as Hollywood is concerned.
When you get to, like, Stephen King level, then they want to film your sweatsocks. "You wrote down a phone number? I'll option it!"

Just think, after the inevitable success of the grocery list, we may get treated to other exciting avenues of Joss' domestic life (or laundry hamper).

rsfayez, during the filming of Serenity last summer, Joss occasionally posted to a blog directory on the official site. It appears to be gone now, but you can still find the entry archived here on this wonderful fansite - just search for the 17 September 2004 entry; it's great fun, as usual.

Is it just me. Or is the "Joss Whedons grocery list" a common joke on Slashdot? Or maybe just in reference to Joss? I've seen that comment before, just not that fleshed out. I've seen someone say "He could release his grocery list and people would go nuts over it." or something to that effect.

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