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"So tell me.. which stage of grieving is this?"
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October 03 2005

Got questions for the crew? Adam, Gina, Sean, Summer, Morena and Jewel will be answering questions from selected fan sites. Please post your questions in the thread at by October 9th.

We were also given some more promotional material. (wallpapers, flash banners and movies)

Um, I just wanted to post this here and not the questions thread. I noticed a couple of 'boo-boos'(both pertaining to Alan, for some reason...) and I figured if the authors see it here they can edit their posts if they want:

Jim McFarlane: Alan Tudyk isnít being interviewed.

RoguePlanet: I think you meant Alan when you said Adam in the question for Gina.

I hope those don't seem too nitpicky of me, just things I noticed...
Thanks, I'll edit those before we send them off.

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