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October 03 2005

"Serenity" reviewed tonight on "Film 2005". Not mentioned on the site, but Jonathan Ross mentioned last week that he'd be reviewing the "Excellent Serenity". BBC1 11:20 pm

Hope someone manages to cap this, BBC1 signal is dreadful here.

Isn't it online these days, some sort of new Media Player that the Beeb have brought these days?
As I have said a number of times this week, I'd really prefer it if people posted links to actual content, instead of using this site to announce tv shows, or anything else off line. If you must, drop it in a related thread.

Also, Ghost Spike, are you taking the piss, capitalising every word in that post (now edited)?
Oh, sorry, I was always taught that titles need capitals, is this the first time I've done that?

And sorry again for not having seen you saying not to post links to TV shows rather than actual content.
It wasn't just the title, it was the entire post, maybe you got a little excited.
Well Ghost Spike thanks for posting it anyway because otherwise I would have missed it and I'd love to see JR's opinion on the BDM. Cheers.
Ghost Spike, you missed out on a great title line:

"Jonathon Woss Weviews Sewenity." Catchy yet so true!
Caroline, that's a little harsh. This is BBC One - the UK's biggest TV stations - flagship film programme. This gets a lot of eyes.

If you want people to clearly understand what you want posting and what not, you need to clearly define it. Swearing at people because they haven't read random comments in other topics is rude and disrespectful to people trying to provide the content for this site.
Simon, as far as I know, that's still an experiment in beta testing.

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Can I support Ghost Spike in posting this link ? Jonathon Ross' review is a very big deal in the UK. This is the major tv review programme here.

Whatever he says will probably make a difference of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.
technovamp, if you have comments about our moderating, please e-mail them. Don't post them here. Sames goes for you, Gossi. That is stated, very clearly, in our rules.

The whole idea of this site is to link to web content. It is NOT an announcement board, even if lately people have been using it as such.
As discussed in this thread, however, the BBC doesn't yet archive this show on the web. If you want to watch this, you have to see it on TV, and you have to know to watch it. If people don't want to see or discuss the biggest, most important film review in the UK of Joss Whedon's first feature film that is about to happen tonight - and won't be online - that is fine.

I don't have any issue with the moderation policy of not using this site for pissy announcements - I fully realise it's got too much of that going on.
gossi, as Caroline stated, please e-mail any further comments you have about board policy. It's not a question of "people not wanting to see or discuss" anything, it's a question of simple and clear board rules. This board is intended to be a fan site devoted to Joss and his works, not purely a marketing device. Thank you.
Brilliant review though! I cried when I saw Joss doing that speech! And then I clapped at the end. ooooh I'm happy!
My tv screen very nearly got a big wet kiss. Thank you Mr Ross! :D
That was truely awesome. My favourite bit: "My overriding thought as the credits roll was 'Why on Earth couldn't the three most recent Star Wars films have been a third as good as this'"

EDIT to correct my quote

[ edited by Paul_Rocks on 2005-10-04 01:17 ]
Excellent review - kudos to Jonathan Ross for being fantastic!
Wonderful review by Jonathan Ross! I hope this helps make a difference at the box office this weekend. :D
Did anyone record it? His summary at the end would be great to email to friends. Oh and do we know how many people tend to watch his show?
Excellent review, though seeing The Operative wearing high heels, blonde wig and a dress was a tad disconcerting...
Apologies to the moderators. I've never got around to reading the rules before. I plead nails bitten down to the quick over wondering about the box office.

The final part of Jonathon Ross' review, after discussion of the TV series and clips of Joss, the cast, the fans, and the film, went as follows.

"But it's not just a film for the fans. After all who doesn't love a good old fashioned giant space battle. [ clip from the battle ].

In an age when even Hector's House can have a cult following the passion of hard core fans for the short lived television programme on which Serenity is based is not necessarily a reliable indicator that the series was worth reviving in film form. However on this evidence their enthusiasm was entirely justified. This is a huge and pleasant surprise, hip, smart, funny and exciting topped off by outstanding special effects. Joss Whedon directs his own splendid script with appealingly breezy panache.

I'm already looking forward to seeing what he does with the Wonder Woman film currently on the stocks, and he draws uniformly excellent performances from a cast in which Chiwetel Ejiofor is particularly strong.

My overriding thought as the credits roll was 'Why on Earth couldn't the three most recent Star Wars films have been a third as good as this', because with its swashbuckling fun and occasional moments of intelligent heroics this film has the qualities which the early instalments in George Lucsas's saga possessed and which the later ones so horribly lacked.

Serenity is a guarranteed crowd pleaser. If you like sci-fi movies it's unmissable, and even if you don't its still well worth checking out when it hits cinemas on Friday".

[ edited by technovamp on 2005-10-04 01:21 ]
DArtagna- I really did kiss my TV screen!

That was a fantastic review! I got a couple of phonecalls as soon as it aired from friends that were really excited. Wossy is such an excellent reviewer, this should make a big difference here!
Thanks muchly Technovamp. Silv - my tv screen is a bit dusty I am ashamed to say, so it turned into an air kiss...I plead too much time spent promoting Sewenity, no energy left for such frivolities as cleaning. ;)
I believe there should be a clip online shortly as somebody has grabbed it.

This was, indeed, a fantastic review, and incredibly important in terms of getting a bunch of people in cinemas. It also introduced Jonathan Ross to Whedonesque matters - he's looking forward to Wonder Woman now, he said.

Jonathan Ross's review was outstanding - it should make an impact on UK filmgoers. I particularly like that 'entirely justified' comment :)
@gossi: The good news is that Jonathan was already well aware of Whedonesque matters. He's said a bunch of times that he's a big fan of Buffy. So now that he clearly liked Serenity, it seems as though there's a good chance he'll regularly be batting for Joss.

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