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October 03 2005

(SPOILER) Want your own special schooldesk? Here they are.

(I *really* don't think this is spoilery, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. - feel free to edit as appropriate.) They appear INCREDIBLY INEXPENSIVE for what you get. Maybe this guy will be unhappy that I found his site. Scroll to bottom of page for picture of the actual ones used.

Very cool. Remember: enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you accident-prone ;)

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Speaking of the school scene... did anyone else notice that one of the schoolgirls once played a recurring character on Star Trek: Voyager? Mezoti, the little borg girl, played by Marley McClean. She said nary a word, and she's matured a bit since Voyager, but it was her.
Neat...wish I had a place in our house for one...very good value indeed!
I love this, great find.
There aren't enough of these kinds of posts here. Great one.
One of the best links here in ages, kudos.
Love this! How ever did you find this, leenah?! Very cool :)
Where can I get the one with the computer screen in it?

Very nice, though, I'd love to have one.
Very cool.

*wallet begins to break out into a feverish sweat*
Very cool, but so far it just looks like the benches all the kids were sitting on. They have plans for tables as well to go along with the benches, but it doesn't look like they were the ones who constructed the tables seen in the film.
I thought they were all sitting on the floor?
These are actually beautiful. I noticed how pretty they were the third time I saw the film. Yes, good value, but oh so poor. BlindHawkeyes, I'm pretty sure they sat on benches, but I could be wrong.
They were actually sitting on the floor as I recall it. Anyone else wanna chime in? Having seen it six times (wow I'm such a geek) these struck me as being the desks while they sat on the ground or maybe zafus or something...
There's a photo of the desk and other props from the movie on display at Serenity FanFest. This is a link to my slideshow which includes more than the fanfest coverage, but still enjoyable.
Wednesday13 is that "Jillian's" in Norfolk, VA? I've only been there once (we had a hail and farewell for a guy leaving my boat) but it looked like it.

Oh and very cool find. *Thinking of a good reason to tell my wife why I need this*
From looking at the page again, I *still* can't tell if these are the desks, or the 'chairs'. (See wednesday13's link above for a picture of the desks and chairs in location).

And, awwww, all this praise for a link! I feel special.

I was searching for the Serenity logo where the word is enclosed w/i the disk, not the general movie logo. Turns out it's the patch from the Browncoats store - that's the only piece of merchandise I want, that patch. I hope to have a button made from the logo, to substitute until I can get that patch.
slide21 shows that they are clearly the desks

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