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October 03 2005

The REAL Inca Mummy Girl! So I was watching Nova one evening and was surprised to learn that there is an actual Inca Mummy Girl who was found on Mt. Ampato in Peru. Now why does that name sound so familiar?

There is no indication she was a princess, but they did say that it was a great honor for one's child to be chosen for sacrifice.
I know this'll get lost in all the Serenity talk (go Serenity!!), but I sure thought it was interesting! More links from Google here.

Yeah, I learned about this freshman year and was debating with my teach how morally wrong it was. I too learned from that class that it was "a great honor" to be chosen because they all believed she was going to save their people (or something...)
Fascinating ! Thanks for the linkage, gonna read up on her right now :-)
I can't recall what issue it was in, but National Geographic did a feature on this. It would have been about 5 years ago, I think. Interesting stuff, at any rate.
Great link. While I'm addicted to the Serenity chatter, this read was a nice breather. Gotta love Inca Mummy Girl.

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