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October 04 2005

Boreanaz keeps his bad boy edge. Our man David chats about his new film 'These Girls' amongst other things.

Hmm, the tattoo story is a different version from the one I have heard DB tell. That suggests that they both had tattoos before they met. And what a strange thing to say about BtVS. Perhaps he is just getting tired talking about it.

That said I am looking forward to seeing this film, DB and Caroline Dhavernas, sounds good.
I'm not surprised about Boreanaz's comment about Buffy, right after Angel ended he said he wouldn't return to Angel, not unless it was made into a big screen movie. He stated similar reasons as he did in that interview about not going back to something.

The comments I've heard from him just gives me the tone that he always likes to look forward and not back. Which is a fine philosophy to have.
"the gothic sitcom Angel"

Umm... OK

Slightly strange choice of words, but I guess...

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I thought "gothic sitcom" sounded odd yet endearing.

I can't wait for the reviews.
I reacted to the term "gothic sitcom" too.....very dodgy choise of words...
I got to see the movie at the Toronto Film Festival - the actors were there as well, which was nice, although David was whisked away as soon as the Q & A was over while the other (Canadian) actors stayed and talked with the public. Funny little low budget film. I enjoyed it a lot.
I saw the movie too...I don't know, I wasn't as impressed with it as some of my friends who were there. It was funny in spots and DB *looks* gorgeous in it, but...I don't know, it was alright but not much better than that.
The term sitcom made me wonder if the writer had ever watched the show.
I second remarks of Lioness (hi, fellow T.O. Browncoat!) and rockgodess. I would say it's not a Hollywood comedy/romance (this is a good thing) but entertaining, surprising and funny. It would work fine filling in an empty TV movie slot on CBC.

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