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October 04 2005

Have you picked up a copy of the Serenity Official Movie Magazine yet? If you want to read a preview, the publishers have kindly provided an excerpt from their Alan Tudyk interview.

The magazine has two covers. A regular one and an exclusive cover only available in specialist comic stores.

I got mine a couple weeks ago. I didn't know they were on shelves but saw them prominently displayed near the cash register when I went to pick up something that day. It's pretty cool. I liked all the pictures alot. Like the companion, some of the interview material (but not all) contains info you've read many times. But the pics make it all worth it. And some features on Joss himself I think. Anyway, I found it worth the 9.99 US price.
Nope, but I'd like to get it...dit you find it somewhere in The Netherlands, Caroline?

And oooh, the exclusive cover is much nicer than the regular one :)
I haven't seen it in the shops GVH, but then I haven't been to any in a long time ;-) I reckon if anywhere, the American Bookshop on Leidsestraat would have it.
Yeah, I just got mine via TFAW (who I don't recommend, I pre-ordered and still got it two weeks after release, they are really NOT the place from whom I would ever buy anything ever again) and it looks great. Lots of attention on each and every actor/character.
I also got mine a few weeks ago. I was actually shocked that I found it at the bookstore here. But basically, if your bookstore has the Buffy magazines and the like, they should have it in that section.

Some of the stuff was the same, but I did learn a few things. But seeing as they talked with all 9 of the actors and Joss, I felt that it was $10 very well spent.
I was told about it by my comic shop proprietor and picked it up a few weeks ago. Good stuff and a fun read all around :)
I got mine from a bookstore a couple of weeks ago and kept it out of easy reach by placing it on top of a stack of books piled on top of a bookcase until after I had seen the movie.
I like the inserts of Jossís take on each character coupled with the actorís interview and perspective and Iím always interested in the behind-the-scenes people of set decoration and costume design. I could do without a full page photo of a reaver, though. Gross!
It was in my local Easons and W H Smiths in Belfast. Very good read, got a small buzz from seeing it amongst the other magazines.
Yeah we bought the magazine weeks ago. Coincidentally on the same day as we got the 'Official Visual Companion' book. That has the script that still has some deleted scenes in there. (that should've stayed in the movie dagnabbit!) They better be on the DVD, tha's all I'm sayin'.
I actually checked Easons and WH Smith too this weekened. ;) I also saw it and the Visual Companion in Forbidden Planet. I was looking for the comics too, but I didn't see them.
I got mine at a cornershop right by my college.

Its quite good actually, I love the sketches of the sets in the movie as well as the interviews.
Caroline: check. Guess I'll try the American Book Centre in Amsterdam then, yes. My workplace is close to Amsterdam anyway. Otherwise I'll just order it online somewhere.

The Visual Companion is great (I absolutely *love* Joss' pre-production memo's). And I agree with the 'deleted scenes' thing. I'm sure it's gonna be one hell of a DVD when released :)

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