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October 04 2005

Good and Bad news for new shows with former ME alums. Fox orders additional scripts for Alexa Davalos' "Reunion", while UPN halts the production of Eric Balfour's "Sex, Love and Secrets".

Eric Balfour played Jesse, Xander and Willow's friend in Buffy's series opener: Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harverst. Joss originally planned to feature him in the opening credits, so his death would've come as a shock.

Alexa Davalos played Gwen Raiden, the electric charged thief from Angel's 4th season episodes: Ground State, A Long Day's Journey and Players.

How's Kitchen Confidential doing?
Last I heard not good rating wise. Which is bad for both KC and also Arrested Development, which is also struggling.
Hopefully with how Alias season premiere ended, Michael Vartan's presence in KC, will boost the ratings enough, and get more people watching regularly.
KC apparently pulled too, though not cancelled yet. God knows what that means.
That's a shame, Nick's one of my very favourite Buffyverse actors. "Seven Years, Dawn". Gets me every time. And Eric Balfour really have much luck with new shows, poor bloke.
IIRC KC is being pulled for a couple of weeks so that FOX can show sports, but it is coming back. However if ratings stay low it won't last long.
VJP666 is right -- I checked with Nick's publicist, who checked with FOX. The show hasn't been pulled, but it will be off for a few weeks due to baseball.
If they could just make KC funny then maybe it'd have more of a chance (though that said AD is so funny it hurts and that's dying too, so I guess I'm lost)
I haven't actually watched reunion, although I've been watching a lot of the new FOX shows.

I like KC, if only Arrested was a more powerful sitcom that brought KC ratings. And if/when Arrested gets cancelled- I'll cry.
There's a bunch of stuff that won't be on (Bones included) due to the playoffs.

Personally, I think KC IS funny. I'm enjoying the show, and hope it gets a fair chance once Baseball is over.
I think KC is finding its way -- while I enjoyed the pilot, I can't say I laughed out loud during it, honestly. I found last night's episode funnier and smoother. And full of more Nick!

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Are both KC and Bones off until November?

I like KC, isn't not laugh out loud funny but it is amusing and I'm enjoying it. Really enjoying Bones too. Primarily because of DB, he's doing a great job.
Of all the shows with the ME alumni in it so far that I'm watching, Bones is my favourite. KC made me laugh last night, and How I Met Your Mother was alright on Sunday, but honestly, none of them has grabbed me like Supernatural has. I'm not sure what that means...except I'll still be watching them if they're on.
I taped KC and Prison Break last night and haven't watched them yet. Something about a burning desire to see this great new movie for the FOURTH time.

I arranged my priorities and decided that the CBS 7:30-9:00 p.m. comedy block would probably be repeated at some point.

I watched the first ep of Reunion and didn't really care for it, so I haven't been back.
Last night's episode of KC had me rolling, especially the eyebrows. I hope they keep it on the find it's footing. But then again, this is FOX we are talking about. Remember Firefly? Remember Wonderfalls?

*shakes head*
I also thought that KC was really funny last night. Hopefully it's just off the air temporarily because of the playoffs. They did mention that with Bones why it wouldn't be on but no mention of that for KC so does make me worried.

Why doesn't Fox wait until after the playoffs to start off their fall season? This is what they did with Firefly too, except they'd show it at midnight after the game but make no mention that they were doing that. No wonder fans couldn't find it.

I also am really enjoying Bones but after last night's KC I could really see the potential of that show. Alyson's show just doesn't do it for me but her show probably has the best chance of survival because of what type of show it is and the network it's on.
KC's official site mentions returning with new eps following baseball...

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