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October 04 2005

Dom at Megatokyo webcomic on 'Going In Cold'. Dom over at the webcomic Megatokyo gives his impressions of Serenity as a Firefly virgin and someone who had never watched an episode of Buffy or Angel all the way through.

Yet another example that shows how the BDM plays to non-fans of the 'verse. Encouraging word of mouth, to say the least. ETA: Dom's words on this subject are down to the right of the comic.

Ah excellent, that's the kind of thing I just love reading. A non-believer completely converted by our BDM.
Yeah, I love seeing stuff like that too. Really well written also. Good read.
Me too! I think these are my favorite kind of reviews for the film. Warms the heart.
Any chance he might be persuaded to view the Firefly DVD set ?

I haven't yet seen anyone talking about being a newcomer to the TV series after watching the movie. I'd be quite interested in reactions from those folks.
I should be able to persuade one of the 'virgins' I know to pass along his thoughts on it. He saw Serenity this w/e and wants to watch Firefly now, so hopefully we can sit him down in front of that soon. Will post it over on .org if he decides to write about it.
Always great to hear complete newcomer say things about the movie that could've come straight out of my own mouth. Funny bits too. He's probably not wrong either when he jokes about the loads of fan-groupie sex Joss could have if he chose to, hehe. (Kai'd kick his ass, but you know what I mean;-)

I haven't yet seen anyone talking about being a newcomer to the TV series after watching the movie. I'd be quite interested in reactions from those folks.

Yeah. It's possible that some people would find the show less good after starting with the movie, since that's what they're used to. The same way some fans prefer the show. Interesting stuff. Me, I love both;-)
I was not a Firefly virgin, but I was not crazy in love with Firefly when I saw the movie. I just liked Firefly. I loved the movie and then went back and found I liked the show more. It has been growing on me ever since. Of course it is possible that I would have liked the show more and more without the movie, that it just had to grow on me. I don't know. One thing is sure, everyone is going to have a different reaction.
Technovamp, I think we'll be seeing a lot of those folks, soon, judging by the fact that sales of the Firefly DVDs went up a lot at Amazon after Serenity came out.
I wonder, if all those people buying Firefly DVDs saw the movie and now what to watch the show OR they want to see the show first so they're waiting until then to see the movie?
"Whedon's Legions". It has a certain ring to it. Now, if we could only make everybody read this.....Well, everybody who isn't going to be put off by all the talk about sex with Joss.
the Star Wars were apparently stolen from the proverbial monkey at a typewriter and the Matrix sequels felt like a sock full of doorknobs applied liberally to the brain

Asked Dom about whether he would be watching Firefly now and got this:

Probably should've mentioned that I was going to at the end there, I've gotten a dozen or so e-mails on the same subject now.

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lol, Lioness, I'm more put off by the thought of Kai kicking *my* ass if I tried :). I'm glad to read this, though. I've loved the movie every time I've seem it (6 so far), but I'm too close to it to know how strangers to Joss's work would react. I think it's a good movie regardless, but nice to have that confirmed.

And, zeitgeist, that seems to be a continuing theme that people see the movie and then want to watch the DVDs.

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