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February 14 2003

(SPOILER) Kristin at E! Online speaks to James Marsters and he drops some cryptic hints for Buffy and Spike and the finale.

He says so much, yet tells me nothing.
I think he's trying to say "I get killed in order to save Buffy in the finale and Joss will be on the first plane out of the country to escape the wrath of Spike fans".

I was making fun of how he was talking.
No worries, I was referring to what he was saying in regards to the finale. I have NO IDEA what he is talking about in regards to Buffy and Spike. Sheer actor waffle there methinks.
JM is a total crusty minion. In a good way. ;) Wonderful actor, but he strictly follows all ME orders and will never ever be found saying a remotely negative thing about anyone with whom he works. Which I can easily respect.
I know I say this sort of thing all the time, but just once I'd like to
see an ME minion drop hints about where the core friendship is going.
Remember friendship? Some of us really don't care much about
romance on this show, and get disappointed that every ME interview
is about which character will be having romantic sparks with which
other character. But now it's all romance this and romance that and
the core Scooby friendship is irrelevant. If ME creates a Buffy
spinoff, I hope it has [i]no[/i] long-term romantic stories. (A vain
hope, I know, but I am officially sick of romances.)

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