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October 04 2005

Stars of the Buffyverse Are Back on TV. A nice little roundup on's front page featuring a brief synopsis of the former and new television characters of several of our Buffyverse alums, as well as predictions for the future of their new shows.

My first link..hope I did it properly!

Aww, they forgot Chris Kane who's new show "Close to Home" premieres on CBS tonight at 10:00 PM.
"Kitchen" is not long for this world. It's not funny and the ratings are weak. "How I Met Your Mother" is a little hit and miss, but I do find myself laughing somewhat regularly. Of course, Charisma got the best deal. With "Lost" and "Veronica" both on, Wednesdays should be renamed "Christmas."
I know, killinj! Someone should write him and tell him.

I agree with you bobtaylor about Wednesdays being holy TV nights! I hope you are wrong though about KC though, as I find it fun and enjoyable. Perhaps not "laugh out loud" funny, but for me, personally, that doesn't determine how much I like a show. I fear that you are probably right though.
I disagree, bobtaylor -- "Kitchen Confidential" is very funny, and so is "Arrested Development", and I don't think Fox has done enough to promote either one. I dislike "How I Met Your Mother" because I loathe laugh tracks.
With "Lost" and "Veronica" both on, Wednesdays should be renamed "Christmas."

That's a great line :) Given that, I do like KC a lot, and while HIMYM makes me laugh a bit, its not what I would call great and the laugh track does get on my nerves.
Last night's Kitchen Confidential was the funniest episode yet - especially the scenes with John Francis Daley and Ramon the Angry Dishwasher. I really hope FOX sticks with it (and Arrested Development) for the season. KC and My Name is Earl are my two favorite new series, which is very odd because I normally don't go for sitcoms.
Many a great sitcom has had a laugh track, and while I'm not a huge fan of them either, they don't automatically mean a show's not funny. Episode two of HIMYM suffered a drop in quality from the pilot, but last night's episode had me laughing again. I've said this before, but I'll repeat -- Neil Patrick Harris' comic timing is DEAD ON.

"Arrested Development" is indeed comic gold, but I don't think I've laughed once at "Kitchen."
And Saturn Girl is right to bring up "Earl," as it's funnier than either HIMYM or KC.
I haven't watched KC, because it interests me to the sum of zero, but I read something the other day that said it was on the Fox hitlist for cancellation. Any truth to that?

I also tried Arrested Development, but can't really get behind it. Then again, there hasn't really been a sitcom that I've liked since Seinfeld.
bobtaylor, I find your love for HIMYM to be interesting - I've tried to watch the show a few times and found it doesn't catch me. I thought the pilot was weak at its best. Neil Patrick Harris's comic timing can't save him from shoddy scripts.

Interestingly, Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential are the only two comedies we watch. And oh how we laugh.

I am, however, in complete agreement with you about Wednesdays. Lost. . . Veronica. . . so much good tv.
Earl is indeed fantastic and funnier than most things going, though I must say that I have laughed a few times at KC, especially last night :) I'm also a huge fan of Arrested Development. I actually do NOT like Neil Patrick Harris in HIMYM- not sure if its the way he plays it or just the character itself, but... his timing seemed very on last night, but what he was saying and doing bored me to tears. Laugh track isn't automatic death for me, but I really don't like it.
I'll be sad if KC gets cancelled, b/c I can see glimmerings of something interesting but if AD goes, I shall rend my clothes and all that jazz. It's my favorite show on the air right now, and this is part of a trend b/c I'm also loving My Name is Earl.

I'm still waffling about VM. It's gotten such love by those who watch it, but what if it gets cancelled? I'm sick and tired of that possibility hanging over everything I like.
I wouldn't say I "love" HIMYM, but as far as sitcoms go, it's certainly watchable.
KC isn't on the list of Fox message boards anymore. It's still there but you can only get to it directly from it's site.
The Bones hiatus is driving me nuts. *kicks meddlesome sports in the shins*
I know it's an American-centric article but it would have been nice to see Tony Head get a mention.
Yeah, can't wait for him in Doctor Who and have always enjoyed his turn as the PM in Little Britain :) Yeah, but, no, but... I want that one! If you were to ask me on a Monday, I'd say 'Yeeeeesssssss'.
I know it's an American-centric article but it would have been nice to see Tony Head get a mention.

Isn't he that guy from that other country? Some foreign place, where they mangle the American language?
I'm enjoying KC so I hope Fox keeps it around. HIMYM I just can't get into it. Last night's episode of KC was it's best yet, had many lol moments. But, it would be typical of Fox to cancel a show just as it's getting it's footing.
Loved the comment from Smallville's producer saying that he hopes James Marsters would bring some fans over ... judging by the ratings he did just that :)

(Sorry about the caps Caroline but this is a direct cut and paste from the WB, guess they felt it was worth shouting about )



I'm looking forward to seeing Bones and KC too and eagerly anticipating Tony Head's role on Doctor Who.

Still dying to hear about a new role for Alexis Denisof though .
Still dying to hear about a new role for Alexis Denisof though

Aren't we all! But I think he's too busy worshipping Aly right now :~P
I think Alexis should play the villian in the Serenity sequel. When is a former ME producer going to create a show for Alexis? Someone needs to snatch him up.
ESG made me all tingly. Alexis as Serenity 2: Judgement Day.

Joss? Are you listening?
bobtaylor - I'm with you on Doogie, he saves lines with his comedic timing left and right. I saw the HIMYM pilot + third episode and frankly, I'd watch it just for him.
It's funny that JM supposedly brought the male fans. Maybe gay guys have a thing for him.
Ok, I'm bucking for James AND Alexis in the next Serenity movie. But then there will just be too, too much pretty on the screen to follow the plot...

As it is, I have a hard time watching the movie without going, "Look at the pretty..."
I'm really hoping I just missed the obvious humour/sarcasm in your comment, Charisma. Otherwise, wow.

As it happens I live with four boys, all of whom are James Marsters fans to different degrees, all of whom will watch him in Smallville because it is their sort of show. Unlike say... Winding Roads, a chick flick if ever there was one.

Not saying James doesn't have any gay male fans. I'm sure gay males can appreciate good acting as much as straight women can. But if you were implying we all only watch for the pretty? Nope.
I think a lot of Smallville fans who abandoned the show recently are coming back both for the "final season" and the promise of a lot of big events.

Plus the fortress of solitude and disciples of Zod, that gets you the movie fans.

Alyson Hannigans sitcom.... I don't like it. I think it's both rather unfunny and just overdone. Kitchen Confidential on the other hand is unique, and has a wonderful cast. I agree... not so much with the funny, but it works rather well in a humorous drama kind of way.

Plus... rather straight.... but mmm James Marsters.

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I have really enjoyed Bones and wish those guys would go play on another network. Guess that won't happen. I haven't watched the Smallville yet, but have it taped.

As for all the comedies you've mentioned, I just cannot get into them at all. I must be an old sourpuss!

As for AD and/or JM in the next Serenity movie, I'm all for it, but I don't want them to be bad guys. I like good guys!
I am also one who will miss BONES during this month....and PRISON BREAK is taking rest as well....all du to sports. Heck, if it was Celtic FC I could live with it, but.....

I did not not realise the SMALVILLE premier brought in that many viewers. I was there and seeing James Masters turn around to the new Depeche Mode track was just sooo cool!

As for Alexis...heck, as far as Buffy/Angel alumns goes he is one of the best ones. Why he is not in a show beats me. Maybe he can jump across the pond and be on Eastenders :-)
What are you talking about? It was just a comment. It didn't have any hidden meanings. Wow to you for not getting that.
You wondered if the male viewers tuning in for JM are gay? In my experience, not so much. I'm so glad you weren't implying anything of the sort then, Charisma.

I'm sure it isn't important to anyone what gender the people who admire his acting are :-)

Mmm, Bones. I haven't managed to see that yet so I can wait until the hiatus is over and watch them without a big break. Sitcoms aren't my thing so I won't be watching AH, but I would love for someone to cast AD in something good.
Gay guys, straight guys. Who cares, they all love JM it seems. Plus gay and straight women. Then there's the young and the old, directors, writers, producers, fellow actors, fans of other shows who want him on their shows because of his remarkable reputation for fine (little bit of punning there) acting and being a generally very likeable person.

charisma We are all just so analytical that we deconstruct all comments for hidden meaning and logic. No worries, it's all good. :0)

vanity Bones is good and DB is the best thing in it. And quite phwoarable too. ;0)

[ edited by lynnie on 2005-10-05 03:14 ]
Well aside from everything else it was just really cool to see that article!

I tried Aly's sitcom and although I couldn't find fault with any of the characters or acting, it just wasn't funny enough for me to tape it a third time. I think the basic premise, looking at the past is a problem. We already know the fate of the girl that the main guy is trying to woo.

KC, same thing. Just not that funny. Although I may give it another try.

Liked DB in Bones, I just don't like crime procedurals, period.
I stumbled upon Earl by accident, and it is the funniest new show.

I am watching Smallville for James for the first time this year. So far, its pretty okay.

As far as men liking James, it was actually my boyfriend who was jumping up and down gleefully yelling "Spike's back!" for Lover's Walk. I didn't actually fall insanely for Spike until Season 5. Okay, which kind of put a damper on the boyfriend's enthusiasm.
As far as Alexis Denisof goes, I think he needs to only audition for parts with an English accent. His American accent sounds weird and fake. I know, it isn't. But I have lived in many parts of the US and have never heard anything like it.
I think James Masters is the kind of guy other guys would like to be.

I remember some one talking about Sean Connery and how "women wants to sleep with him, men want to be him" and I think James Masters has that quality.
..and I say this as a straight guy.
Any comments?
Um, Jonas, I can't argue with that.

Hmmm..Of course, The WB will never get a show as huge as LOST, but we James fans Just found out that SMALLVILLE was the number one show for the WB last week. :)
Smallville was the WB's Number one show! and in one of the toughest timeslots! That's amazing. I bet they've seen an increase in the sales of DVD's too! I for one have been catching up ,though sadly my actual watching of the show doesn't count in the ratings because not only do I not have a Nielson box I don't even live in the US .My tape of the premiere has just arrived, guess I'm going to be a little late for work today . As to Charisma's comment James is a bit like Sean Bean in this respect . Give him a role as hero or anti hero and the guys will watch in droves . I managed to get my Husband watching Buffy by showing him Fool For Love,I didn't bother showing him Winding Roads but was sure he would love Cool Money , as indeed he did . And he loved James in Millenium so much that he ended up watching every episode of the DVD set. Boys just love a good hero or a good villain and James plays both so well. ( By the way he loves AD too cos AD was in Sharpe and is therefore cool)

I'm sorry that the ratings for KC aren't better , that show really appeals to me. Just hope we get to see it over here.

Wow to you for not getting that.

No, Charisma, there is no 'getting it' about it. Your comment was crass. As it stands, I'm not impressed with your record here at Whedonesque. You've had a fair amount of warnings before and never reply or apologise or give us any clue whether you've copped on or not. Next time you'll be booted without warning.
debw Apparently NB has confirmed on his website that KC has not been cancelled. Thank goodness, as it gets better by the week. This weeks was very good, with lots more NB in it too.

JM is that blend of a man's man and also a woman's man too. He appeals to a wide range of people. I'm sure that my dad would like him too, but unfortunately he refuses point blank to watch Btvs. After a long time he told me why, he just can't stand SMG, an irrational instant dislike. Which is a shame as he's missing out on the show. He wont even watch Angel, although I'm sure I heard him check it out a few times.

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