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October 04 2005

Serenity (R2) DVD Extras. Wot, no commentary?

A provisional list of extras from the Region 2 Serenity DVD. Bit low so far, but I'm hoping more will be added.

What did it say? I can't connect.
It's barely in the cinema but here's some extras for the DVD release of "Serenity" listed at the BBFC.

I too plan on doing my part by seeing Serenity again this coming weekend. Not that it's a chore! And I'm even taking a guest. Yes...that's it. So, I'm not going to tread into Spoiler territory or anything for obvious reasons,

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Didn't they film the Q+A in Australia to put on the DVD?

Having just bought the Shaun Of The Dead DVD which has four different commentaries I would be VERY suprised if Serenity does not have at least two, Joss on one and at least a few of the cast on another.
It would be greatly appreciated if people post their thoughts on Serenity in the thread at and not in general threads about the movie.
Joss Whedon introduction,as in the introduction from the pre-screenings? That'd be awesome.
Ooops! One thousand and one sincere apologies! I really meant to post under another topic. *sigh*
No worries :).
Eddy: it might also be the version that ran in front of the finished version of the movie at some early premieres. That would make more sense. Although I'd love to see the version that ran before the pre-screenings as well.

Extra's do seem a bit low at the moment, but I'm sure extra extra's will get added as we get closer to the release date.
There just gotta be a commentary track, cause commentary tracks are what Joss does best (except for all the things that he does even better).
This probably isn't all the extras, just the ones that have been rated so far. Id guess February at the earliest for the DVD, so I'm quite surprised that stuffs been rated already.

Do commentaries have to be rated?
Eddy: it might also be the version that ran in front of the finished version of the movie at some early premieres. That would make more sense. Although I'd love to see the version that ran before the pre-screenings as well.

He made two intros? And what's the diff between an early premiere and a pre-screening?
Or it could be a totally new introduction for the DVD. Had a click at the BBFC site, commentaries don't seem to be rated on their own.
Note that it just says "some extras". I assume there'll be others...
Please let there be an Alan outtake during I know, I'm evil.
I assume there will be a commentary, I mean everyone includes a commentary now days. But you guys have me worried, and thinking I should write to Universal, because I REALLY want a commentary. Actually I want several:
Joss alone
the cast together
the special effects people
and maybe even the guy who did the music....
You can never have too many commentaries in my opinion.
I suspect much will depend on the DVD sales, so I hope they do something spectacular with the DVD. In addition to tons of bonus material I want a model Serenity, a booklet with messages from the cast and Joss and other stuff that can help jack the price up. Browncoats will buy it no matter what, so if the thing costs $50, we might garner enough revenue for Universal to cough up the cash for a sequel..

Oh, and an audio commentary by Joss and another by the cast is a must-have!
Joss does the best commentaries in any 'verse. I think it's too early to speculate on the final package - the BBFC are just rating what they get when they get it, I think.
The BBFC rates DVD special features gradually, so I'm sure there's plenty more to come. Also, they have a habit of rating commentaries last.
I imagine that Serenity will have a barebones release (above) and then a SE edition.
At the Sydney Q+A Joss pointed out a few things:

1. There will probably be 2 DVD releases, 1 initial release with a few extras, then later on an Extras Packed Release

2. He also indicated he wished to do an All Cast Commentary, from memory i think he said he will do an individual commentary on the 1st release, and hopefully get the Cast to do one for the 2nd release
That is definitely not a complete list - I'm sure Joss wants more.

And this is ONE film - like LotR - I don't mind buying the initial release and then the Deluxe Edition for. :)
Okay, being one of the people who was never able to get to a screening, is it weird that I'd love to see the unfinished version of the film that was shown at the screenings? I'd love for that to be one of the extras.
I'd love for Universal to pull a Dimension Films and include an extra audio-track made up of audience reactions from one of the 5/5 screenings.
Never you worry. I'm sure I remember Joss saying at the Q&A how we should wait a few months (after the original DVD release) for an 'extra shiny' DVD release with an entire cast commentary.
Apart for the usual special feature suspects I'd like to see:

-Whedon's introduction to the prescreenings
-animated "Fruity Oaty Bar" commercial in it's entirety
-R. Tam sessions
I believe Joss said (at the Melbourne screening) that the River Tam sessions is something more likely for the second dvd.

In regards to the first release, he said he was hoping to have a commentary with everyone but scheduling didn't work out. Whether that means there will be none, one with just him, or one with a handful I'm unsure.

But he definitely said they wanted to get an 'everyone' commentary on the second release. Personally, I just want to see a solo commentary from Joss and an ensemble one. I'm not particularly interested in hearing from the sfx guys/composer.

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Also, yes the Q&A was taped for Universal and may be used or some of it may be used for the Australian release I believe is what was stated. Also, I see plenty of Aussies on this forum now! Yay.
I'll hold myself until the second release. Can't get too overenthusiastic, or I might spend more money than I can afford.
Rogue Slayer:

He made two intros? And what's the diff between an early premiere and a pre-screening?

Yep, he made at least two intros that I know of. Might've been more. He did an intro for the pre-screenings, where you got to see an unfinished version of the movie. You can find the transcribed version online in several locations. It reads:

Hi I’m Joss Whedon. Before we begin this special screening, I have a little story I want to tell you. It’s about a TV show called Firefly. Firefly went on the air a few years ago and was instantly hailed by critics as one of the most cancelled shows of the year. It was ignored and abandoned, and the story should end there. But it doesn’t, because the people who made the show and the people who saw the show—which is roughly the same number of people—fell in love with it a little bit too much to let it go, too much to lay down arms when the battle looked pretty much lost.

In Hollywood, people like that are called unrealistic, quixotic, obsessive. In my world, they’re called Browncoats. Now whether you watched the show on TV or saw the DVDs—or whether you never set foot in the Firefly universe before tonight—the fact that you’re here means that you’re part of something, something that is a little bit remarkable. This movie should not exist. Failed TV shows don’t get made into major motion pictures—unless the creator, the cast and the fans believe beyond reason. That’s what I have felt, and that’s what I have seen in the DVD sales, the booths at the cons run by fans, the web sites and the fundraisers—all the work the fans have done helped make this movie.

It is, in an unprecedented sense, your movie. Which means…if it sucks, it’s your fault. You blew it. You let us down. But let’s not dwell on your failures, because the work is not done. I have to finish making it. This is not quite a final cut, and you’ll notice some placeholders in music and FX. But we are very close, and once we are finished…you have to get people to see it.

Now obviously the studio will do its thing. There will be ads and trailers and all that joy, but this movie does not have stars. It doesn’t have a giant mega budget. It doesn’t even have a simple saleable premise. What it has is us—the people who believed unreasonably. If this movie matters to you, let somebody know. Let everybody know. Make yourselves heard.

If you don’t like the movie…this is a time for quiet, for months of silent contemplation. But when the unfinished credits roll—if you still call yourself a Browncoat—remember the millions of people who don’t…who might. I want us to do this together. The cast will be appearing wherever they can. I will be blogging and stumping and whatever I can think of. We have up and running.

I’m fairly certain we’re all doing everything we can to make this the event it should be. Because
remember: they tried to kill us. They did kill us, and here we are. We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty. Thank you for helping getting this movie as far as it has gotten. Welcome to Serenity.

For the movie premiere, where we got to see a finished version of Serenity, Joss had recorded a new intro. We got to see this one at the dutch premiere, and I think it was also used at the french and australian premieres, but I'm not sure. This intro read:

Hi, I'm Joss Whedon. You're about to see a preview of my first ever film, Serenity. We’ve shown the film in an unfinished form to some of the fans. And they pelted us with rocks and garbage. Oh, no wait, they liked it. They really liked it. That was something else. They liked it. They cheered. It was good times. People have begun to hear the cheer in the press. And in the public. So I once again, want to thank my browncoats. Not just for their excitement and enthusiasm and their extraordinary efforts to get people to notice this movie, but mostly for their sense of inclusion. So often with pop culture phenomenon of any kind, people say, “Well it's only cool if I like it and nobody else does.” And once they do it's not cool any more. My fans have always understood that Serenity and Firefly, the series that spawned it, were for everybody. Age, sex, race, nationality – it doesn't matter. Everybody is invited. Not everybody is going to like it. I'm not stupid. I know that it doesn't work that way, but it is for everybody and the fact that my fans have always understood that has made all the difference. The difference between a cult and a movement. The difference between fighting the good fight and winning the good fight. So thank you, not just to my browncoats. It doesn't matter, you could have other coats, coats of any color. There are coats of many colors. You could just be a tie, or a sweater vest, or Lederhosen. Particularly to my Lederhosen fans, I want to thank you. Enjoy what is the completely finished version of Serenity. All of the music is in, all of the effects, absolutely nothing is out except for a few gaping plot holes that I was too lazy to fix and now kind of wish I hadn't mentioned. Apart from that, it's all good. So thank you again, and welcome to Serenity.

But he might have made a whole new intro for the DVD, who knows.
Yeah there were two intros.
My friend who went to the screening at the Rio Movie Festival last week, watched the second intro, with the part about the finished movie.
This is perhaps the one film I won't mind paying for more than one DVD release, hell, if they do alternate packaging I can see myself buying them all.

I'll need the first release when it comes out, it'll have been a few months since I've seen the film, and then I'll need the better one when it comes out, 'cos there'll be more special features.

Did most of the screenings have the intro, there wasn't one at the press screening on September 7th.
Well, the pre-screening we went to in the Netherlands didn't have an intro either. I do think all American pre-screenings had the first intro, but I'm not 100% sure.

Press screenings might've lacked the intro, seeing as it's a fan-type thing, but not having been to press screenings, I can't be sure.

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