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October 04 2005

Adam Baldwin's 25-year acting career. Nice interview-based piece with Adam Baldwin on his early success then long struggle as an actor, playing Jayne, and the Firefly fans.

I saw Adam in "My Bodyguard" in the theater back in 1980. He was good then, but I can really appreciate his talent now--and, of course, he's honed his craft over the years. He's still got a long career ahead of him. Happy anniversary, Big Guy!

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I saw him way back then too! Makes me feel so old!! But I always remembered him from that movie everytime I saw him - "Hey, that's the guy from 'My Bodyguard'"! Glad he's more than just that guy to me now!
That was a rather enjoyable read. I never saw My Bodyguard in the theater, but that's a movie that I grew up watching, cause it was a mainstay in my house being a favorite of all my older brother's. Adam's just so darn great.
I saw him as Animal Mother first- and then in My bodyguard- which was kinda hilarious to see it in reverse like that! I was like, what's animal mother doing hanging out with that scrawny kid??!! I thought they had cast him as an adult to play some kid in HS. I was shocked when I found out that he was only 17 in My bodyguard! Though it does make sense, since he still looks pretty young.
kate said "he still looks pretty young."

I was checking out the "Firefly" DVDs on my parents' larger-screen TV and pointed Adam out to my mother (in "The Train Job," where he doesn't have the goatee) as the guy from "My Bodyguard." She said, "He looks the same!" She was pretty much right. He's got a real baby face, even 22 years later.
The Fox Movie Channel is always playing My Bodyguard. check the website that out. I think it's going play again 4 times this month(?) Actually I think it played today
If I remember correctly, Joss said more about Adam than he's "just" a "working class actor". JW said somethig along the lines of him bringing a lot to a role. He does. I admire Adam not only for his talent, but for his honesty and sincere respect for fans. He's a class act.
Having worked for 25 years, he can bring so much to a role, it is incredible. And he is still learning the art of it, which is also incredible. Some actors by now would figure they knew it all but he still has an acting coach.
Joss and the casting people can really pick 'em, can't they? To see Adam go from Jayne to Hamilton on Angel was amazing. Two such different characters.
And Drifter, I agree about him being a class act. He definately is.
What a great interview. I remember when My Bodyguard came out, all the critics raved about his performance.

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