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"See, get it? That's the point Joss. It's compelling! What's going to happen to these kids?"
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October 05 2005

Everyone thought I was out of my mind. Joss tells UK national newspaper 'The Guardian' about his plan to shake-up Hollywood.

I was very pleased to read this at the bus stop this morning.
Wow, what a wonderful article - perfectly summed up all the well-known-by-now background stuff with some excellent new quotes
The Guardian usually features quality articles. And Simon - I was very pleased you posted it so I could read it this morning too :)

ETA (Oops sorry) To thank Miranda instead (must read all the words...)

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I think you want to be thanking miranda :).
..and go back to the era of making a smaller movie where you believe in the story.

Why do The Suits in general judge this as bad business? OK, I know, I know, but I still don't like it.

..that no matter how much advanced technology we create, we're still going to be us - flawed, conflicted people with the same problems we've always had.

And Joss: I love you for the way you make that feel like a good and comfortable place to be.
Yeah, the Guardian and it's website are usually full of good interviews/articles. I don't buy any newspapers but I certainly read their website way more than any of the others. Nice to see Joss/Serenity getting lots of good press, just hope people are paying attention.
Alien Resurrection (a script he reportedly said had been ruined by the director)

That's strange: the last interview (posted here) I read in which Joss talked about Alien-Resurrection, he mostly blamed the production for having ruined his script, rather than Jeunet (maybe he was just being "kind" by not mentioning the director's name ;) ).
If Joss is out of his mind, can I move in? Although it might be a strange and uncomfortable place to be.

It is a nice article. It is beginning to sound as though Joss has somehow managed to find the time to actually get down to some WW writing.
If Joss is out of his mind, can I move in? Although it might be a strange and uncomfortable place to be.

"Being Joss Whedon", a sequel to Being John Malkovich. Coming soon to a theatre near you.
I agree, nice read. Although... how will he make the invisible jet cool? j/k, I have total faith he can.
When Wonder Woman safely lands the invisible breath we will probably all

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Awesome article. I've always been curious how DVD sales stacked up against the box office ticket sales for films. I figured DVD sales made substantially more cash income, but I'd never realized it averaged five times that amount. That one statement made me very happy. The 'Serenity' DVD sales should be huge.
I love the distinction Joss keeps making between "political" and "partisan"; while the division between the two fo them may be a little blurry at the edges, it's great that someone's trying to keep them separate.

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