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October 05 2005

Episode List and Extras revealed for 'Curse of the Hellmouth' DVD release which can only be bought at 'Best Buy'.

Mmm, pointless.
The cash cow surely must be drained by now but I suppose if it brings new fans in then at least the DVD has achieved something.
I guess it's Halloween themed. Spike and Dru are on the cover, but there really isn't an episode that truly features them. Kind of misleading.
I don't get these releases. Are fans actually buying them? It would've made sense when released before the season boxed sets, but seeing as those have been on sale for ages by now, why would anyone get these?

Then again, I can picture people getting them just to be completist, but that probably wouldn't be enough in the way of sales to do a release like this. So there are probably a bunch of people who'd consider buying an episode collection of a show of which they're not willing to buy the season boxed sets? Weird.
They should really sum this babies up and start think about "director's cut" sets. That's something that I would buy atleast.
GVH - I assume that these are supposed to be a more affordable alternative to buying all the season boxed sets. Or a way to check out Buffy before buying a full season.

The only problem is, the episodes on this set are, by and large, pretty darn mediocre. Who picks this stuff?
Well, I can see someone wanting an introduction. But there's a whole heap of these things, so it starts seeming a bit pointless.

As for the episode choices, "Halloween" is very decent, while I'd rank "Passion" and "Hush" in my top 5 of favorite Buffy eps, and "The Wish" and "Helpless" are outstanding Buffy episodes as well. "The Pack" and "Same Time Same Place" are agreeable though not brilliant, and I don't much like "Fear Itself". So out of all these episodes I find two all-time favorites, two I'd rank just below my top5, one above avarage episode, two agreeable enough eps which I'd consider avery Buffy fair, and one ep I'm not crazy about. For a collection, that seems like a pretty fair choice to me.

The thing I'm wondering about though, is the question if a selection of eps of different seasons could drag one into the show. I think it'd only serve to confuse me, seeing as you're missing all the devellopment and background info for some of these episodes to have their full effect.
Well, I guessed four of the episodes right.
Djungelurban, director's cuts would be good, but it turns out Mr. Whedon is pretty busy these days.

Interesting that this new disc is weighted towards the earlier ("better") seasons. :}
I'm not sure what the point is of these dvd sets, but couldn't they find anything from season's five or six? I like the idea of a director's cut.
I'd guess the first couple of seasons are more accessible for single episode viewing. Umm... These sets don't really do anything for me, but yknow at least they have an extra documentry for "completists." Don't know who else would buy them (at least the character sets would appeal to fans who are into ju8st a couple of episodes with their fave character rather than the entire season.)
Interesting choices, but getting them all is a better idea....
and I liked "Fear, Itself."
They should re-release the seasons with the "Previously on BtvS" section before the episodes. I proably wouldent repurchase for that reason, but its one thing i really missed from the original releases. I always knew what happened previously, but it was a cool way to set up the episode.

[ edited by Rip2~~ on 2005-10-05 21:51 ]
Ah, yes, the PoB sequences. It sucks that they weren't on the DVD. The region 2 releases had them, but they featured Buffy eps in widescreen, which I feel is the wrong format for the show. Buffy is 4:3, Angel is widescreen. So that's always haunted me in chosing which region to buy. As it is, I have my regions mixed, just buying wherever I could find the seasons for the least amount of money.

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